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"The Lifesavers" by Arden von Dewitz

US Coast Guard (public domain)

The USCG Cutter Cape Corwin is seen in "The Lifesavers" by Arden von Dewitz. Mr. von Dewitz was honored as the US Navy and US Coast Guard's Official Combat Artist for the Pacific Fleet.

We first saw Cape Corwin in Cocoon (pilot), when McGarrett and the harbormaster went out to take a look at "just another old rust bucket that's logged a million miles," the SS Arcturus. In that program, Cape Corwin still wore her gray-and-white livery. In all her subsequent appearances, she wore her red striped livery.

The men who served aboard Cape Corwin during filming called her Cape McGarrett, because she appeared so often, usually with him giving orders. A man on Facebook claims the two years he served aboard Cape Corwin during the filming years were his best Coast Guard experience.

The USCGC Cape Corwin is seen in her gray-and-white livery in this screen capture from "Cocoon" (pilot).

The USCGC Cape Corwin is seen in her red striped livery in this screen capture. *

* I'm not sure, but I think this screen capture comes from "How to Steal a Submarine" (Season 8). They are following the mini-submarine and drop percussion charges to force it to surface. If I am mistaken, please let me know.

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