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Jack's Birthday Parties

VegasPat’s Party Plan

The party will be informal and will be held in Jack and Marie’s living room. Dress will be aloha attire.

Attendees will include Governor David Ing in honor of all that Jack did for the State of Hawaii. Other attendees will include Doug Mossman, Dennis Chun, Melveen Leed, Jack’s RJL family, and, of course, Marie.

The menu will include lomi lomi, poi, a tropical fruit medley, rumaki, lau lau, skewer vegetable kabobs, a fresh vegetable salad, mahi mahi, chicken katsu, kalua pork, macaroni salad, steamed white rice, musubi (Spam and rice), King’s Hawaiian rolls, guava cake, Coco Puffs, Chantilly cake, and haupia. Various cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

Entertainment will be provided by Amy Hanaili'i Gilman.

VegasPat’s gift to Jack will be a memory book containing short stories written by each of the guests of their memories of Jack and Marie, as well as any pictures they may have provided.




Steve’s Girl’s Party Plan

Today, Jack would have turned one hundred years old. I had planned to celebrate this with RJL members, but due to Corona, this is impossible, so I'm holding a private celebration.

I will prepare loco moco and haupia for lunch and "Jack's Cheesecake" (See Biography / Jack and Marie’s Recipes) to enjoy in the afternoon with a cup of Kona coffee. I will light ten big candles, one for each decade, and switch on my computer.

A few years ago, I spent Christmas Break in Honolulu, and on Jack's birthday, brought a lei made of maile leaves, kuikui nuts, white beads, and sea shells and placed it on Jack's bust in Kahala. I took a photo, which now serves as my screen saver between Christmas and New Year.


As the candles burn and with Jack present, so to speak, I will sing Aloha Oe as I strum my ukulele. Neither my singing nor my ukulele playing ability is much to speak of, but I'm certain Jack won't mind too much, because both will come from my heart.



Honu59’s Party Plan

Location:  A lodge/camp type setting in upstate NY, perhaps in the Catskills.  This celebrates Jack and Marie’s New York roots.  There is a large room for the party with a roaring fire in a stone fireplace to keep us warm.  Lots of comfy mission-style furniture.  A large adjoining dining hall for dinner.

Dress:  While I thought about black tie, I wanted everyone to be comfortable, so jeans and aloha shirts. 

All of us are invited, of course.  We could send invitations to Al Harrington and Dennis Chun.  Do you think they would come?

Dinner:  Italian buffet – lasagna, eggplant parmesan, chicken Marsala, green salad, garlic bread, choice of wine

Dessert: Tiramisu, birthday cake (coconut), espresso or cappuccino

Entertainment: three piece combo (piano, upright bass, drum set) playing soft jazz from the 1960s.  Ukulele band to sing Hau‘oli la Hanau

Fun activities:  make your own lei – multicolored carnations, dental floss and needles provided.  Learn to play ukulele – it’s really easy!

Capping off the evening: before we depart for our bunks, we will watch “Blind Tiger” on a large screen TV, just so we can wish Jack a happy birthday once more.

Gift for Jack:  A contribution to help those who are trying to revive the Hawaiian language so it will not disappear.  Read the article from Smithsonian Magazine:



H50 1.0 FOREVER’s Party Plan

You are cordially invited

to a dinner with dancing to celebrate the 100th birthday of

John Joseph Patrick Ryan

on Wednesday, the 30th day of December,

in the year two thousand and twenty,

at seven o’clock in the evening.


Jacques by the Sea

The Gold Coast, Honolulu


Guests.  Personal family members, RJL family members, and close personal friends

Attire.  Black tie for men, evening dresses for women

Tables and Settings.  Round tables will be arranged in a dining room that overlooks the evening sunset and sailboats returning to the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Seating will be provided by gold Chiavari chairs. Tables will be set with white linen cloths and napkins, white china, silver flatware, and crystal stemware. A simple arrangement of tropical flowers will be placed in the center of each table.

Menu.  Food will be prepared to perfection by the legendary Jacques duMonde, who trained at the Cordon Bleu in France.

  • Tomato Bisque  (served with Pino Grigio)

  • Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Risotto and Asparagus  (served with Cabernet Sauvignon)

  • Island Mango Sorbet  (served with café demitasse)


Music for Dining and Dancing. String quartet playing easy listening music from the 1940s through the 1960s


Birthday Gifts. Jack has everything he possibly could want with one exception: a nicely framed photograph of those who have made Remembering Jack Lord what it has become over the past ten years. And, so, we will have him unwrap that gift during dessert. Because we can’t let Marie go home empty handed, we will give her a delicate music box of French design.


Transportation. A hired limousine and driver will call for Jack and Marie at their home and transport them to the dinner in time for a 7:00 arrival. The car and driver will return at 10:00 to return the couple to their home.


Editor’s Note: I think Jack would be so impressed with these party plans that he would want to attend every party. I know I do!

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