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Did You Know?


To watch all 284 hours of Hawaii Five-0 in one sitting, 

you would have to watch non-stop for 

11.833 days. 

Remember the 1913 Liberty Head nickel that was worth $100,000 on Hawaii Five-0 in Season 6's "The $100,000 Nickel"? Well, it seems that there are only five such nickels in existence, and this one, the Olsen specimen, is considered the most famous, because it appeared on the show! Can you believe it! The nickel sold in 2010 for $3.7 million. I'd say the seller made a nice profit!



Hawaii Five-0 Won Awards!

Awards - Nominations and Wins.png

Days When Hawaii Five-0 Aired

Days When H50 Aired.jpg

Hawaii Five-0 ranked among the top 30 television programs produced by all broadcast and cable networks for eight of the twelve seasons it was in production. Here's how the numbers looked:


Season          Year          Ranking

                                 2         1969-1970         19

                                 3         1970-1971           7

                                 4         1971-1972         12

                                 5         1972-1973           3

                                 6         1973-1974           5                 

                                 7         1974-1975         10

                                 9         1976-1977         18

                               10         1977-1978         23

It is interesting to note that the seasons that did not rank in the top 30, with the exception of Season 1, when the show was finding its "sea legs," are the ones that people today also feel are the weakest: Seasons 8, 11, and 12.

Source: Brooks, Tim and Marsh, Earle. The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows  1946-Present (9th Ed.). New York: Ballentine Books, 2007.

Intelligence Episodes on Hawaii Five-0

H50 Intelligence Episodes.png

Hotels Seen on Hawaii Five-0

Hotels Seen on H50.png



If you watch Hawaii Five-0 on CBS All Access, you may have seen a few bumpers. A bumper is a shot that is put in as a place holder midway through an episode. Advertisements and station identification announcements are placed on either side of the bumper. For Hawaii Five-0's network airings of Season 10 episodes, the bumper was a shot of the title rolling before a reverse image of the Hawaiian outrigger canoeists with Diamond Head in the background. Other seasons showed the title rolling before an Island sunset.


The bumpers on CBS All Access are seen in six episodes from Season 10. A possible explanation for their presence is that Season 10 did not receive the same level of remastering as did the other seasons. Or maybe the All Access editors simply missed the bumpers while preparing the episodes to be uploaded. Who knows?


Here are the Season 10 episodes with bumpers:

*  "You Don't See Many Pirates These Days" (Episode 2)

*  "The Descent of the Torches" (Episode 5)

*  "The Ninth Step" (Episode 6)

*  "Tsunami" (Episode 10)

*  "Tall on the Wave" (Episode 17)

*  "When Does a War End?" (Episode 19) 


If you find bumpers, whether in Season 10 episodes or other season episodes, please let me know.

They Uttered Those Immortal Words

Immortal Words-1.png
Immortal Words-2.png
Immortal Words-3 - edited.png

RJL Members' Favorite Lines


RJL members were asked to name their favorite lines from all 284 episodes of Hawaii Five-0. Here are their responses:

"The mongoose always wins." 

Spoken by Steve McGarrett to Eric Damien (Victor Buono) in "The 100,000 Nickel" (Season 6). Submitted by Steve's Girl.


"We've been through times like this before, bad times when we thought we'd never come through it alive. But we can be tough when we have to be!" 

Spoken by Mrs. Kelly (Evelyn Carlson) to Chin Ho Kelly in "Cry, Lie" (Season 2). 

Submitted by Honu59.


"Something's poppin' on the Big Island." 

Spoken by Kono (episode unknown). Submitted by Honu59.


"What are you saying? You wanna get married?" 

Spoken by Steve McGarrett to Margo Cooper (Carol Lawrence) in "Thanks for the Honeymoon" (Season 5). Submitted by Jean G.


"Keep the faith, Dan!" 

Spoken by Doc Bergman (Al Eben) to Danno in "The Ninety-Second War," part 1 (Season 4). Submitted by H50 1.0 FOREVER.


"Not kill, Guido ... Frame! Frame a cop! There's more than one way to skin a cop, you know." 

Spoken by Tony Alika (Ross Martin) to Guido Marioni (John P. Ryan) in "Good Help is Hard to Find" (Season 12). Submitted by H50 1.0 FOREVER.


"What names do they answer to boss?"  (referring to two koi stolen from the Pacific Cultural Institute koi pond) 

Spoken by Kono in "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember" (Season 1). 

Submitted by Vegas Pat.


"Yamamoto san and Takahashi san." (also referring to the two stolen koi)

Spoken by McGarrett in "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember" (Season 1). 

Submitted by Steve's Girl. Note: These were the names of two businessmen, who helped to finance the Hawai'i Film Studio.


"Dem carp really cost" (also referring to the two stolen koi)  
Spoken by Kono in "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember" (Season 1). 
Submitted by Honu59.

"If you still make house calls, gentlemen, you'll find them both out by the pool, celebrating their victory over a stupid Irish cop." 

Spoken by McGarrett to two IRS agents about Tony Alika (Ross Martin) and Allie Francis (Nehemiah Persoff) in "Number One With a Bullet," part 2 (Season 11). 

Submitted by H50 1.0 FOREVER.


"You think it's any easier to kill a grown man? You think the next one will be easier than this one? God help you if you do. It had better hurt every time. It better tear your guts out every time you pull that gun, whether you use it or not. You learn to live with it, but don't get used to it."  

Spoken by McGarrett in "...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin" (Season 1). 

Submitted by Honu59 and Kanela.


"Book me, Danno." 

Spoken by McGarrett in "The Bark and the Bite" (Season 11). Submitted by Jean G.


"No rewards, no favors" 

Spoken by McGarrett to Mondrago (Herbert Lom) in "Highest Castle Deepest Grave" (Season 4). Submitted by Steve's Girl.


"Jesse:  Hey! You in the Army?

McGarrett: No, Navy.

Jesse:  Oh, Navy. Hey, you guys had it soft. You know, you had . . . You sleep in sheets, and, uh, you had dry clothes and hot food, movies . . .

McGarrett:  Yeah. Yeah, I agree with you, Jesse. We really had it soft, until the ship went down, and then, you wish you were in a foxhole.

Jesse:  Yeah. Yeah, I guess nobody had it soft in the war . . ."

Spoken between Jesse (Dane Clark) and McGarrett in "The Hostage" (Season 7)

Submitted by H50 1.0 FOREVER


Royce:  What's the difference? I've got nothing left.

McGarrett:  Commander, think of the man you were ten years ago. You can be that man again. You've got the same mind, the same character, same talents. Sure, we've all had some bad breaks, and I know you've had more than your share, but for God's sake, pick up the pieces. You can do it. Please. You can do it. 

Spoken between McGarrett and Cdr Richard Royce (James Wainwright) as Royce is about to shoot Frank Devlin (Allan Miller) in "Shake Hands With the Man on the Moon" (Season 10). Submitted by H50 1.0 FOREVER


Rego:  Listen, cop. Don't be making any threats, okay?

McGarrett:  You listen. Don't you ever call me cop. The name is McGarrett, and the title is mister.

Spoken between McGarrett and Jimmy Rego (Reni Santoni) as McGarrett questions Rego in his office about the use of Cappy Pahoa's truck in the explosion at a Chinese restaurant in "A Death in the Family" (Season 10). Submitted by ?


Pahoa:  Jimmy, I've been planning a trip to Europe for Kini for a long time. You will leave with her tomorrow.

Rego:  You just want me out of the way, huh? I won't go.

Pahoa:  Yes, you will. I want you out of McGarrett's way, and Jimmy, boy, you have a choice: You can go first-class 747, or in an oil drum in the hull of some freighter.

Spoken between Cappy Pahoa (Manu Tupou) and Jimmy Rego (Reni Santoni) as Cappy realizes Rego is too dangerous to have in the Kumu organization in "A Death in the Family" (Season 10). Submitted by ?


In "Cocoon," after Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh) leaves the SS Arcturus, the traitorous intelligence agent, Miller (Andrew Duncan), goes to the ship's captain (Wright Esser) and presumes to tell him when to cast off and to ensure that McGarrett's body does not float back ashore, as intelligence agent Hennessy's did. The captain lets Miller know exactly what he thinks of him when he says, "You'll get your thirty pieces of silver." The line comes from the Holy Bible (Matthew 26:14-15 KJV): "Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver."

Hawaii Five-0 in the Media


  *  In the episode of New Tricks entitled "In Vino Veritas" (Season 11), the barkeep recognizes the detectives and askes, "Five-0. Right?" 

    *   Throughout New Tricks, Detective Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) drove a 1977 Triumph Stag bearing the license plate "VTU 50IR." When this is coupled with the fact that the series included major characters with the names Jack (Halford portrayed by James Bolam), Steve (McAndrew portrayed by Denis Lawson), and Danny (Griffin or Gryfon portrayed by Nicholas Lyndhurst), it is easy to think person or persons associated with New Tricks just might have been fans of Hawaii Five-0.

   *  In the episode of Death in Paradise entitled "In the Footsteps of a Killer" (Season 6, Episode 7), a newspaper investigator named Tony Garrett (Jude Akuwudike) is a suspect in a murder mystery. 

 * The Five-0 theme song is heard in The Dish, an Australian movie (2000). Set in 1969, in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia, The Dish is based on a true story. There, a huge satellite dish is erected to broadcast the Apollo 11 lunar landing. A few nights before the scheduled landing, a celebration is held with the American ambassador (John McMartin, who portrayed Cdr Ron Nicholson in "F.O.B. Honolulu" (Season 3)) in attendance. The American national anthem is announced; however, the teenage boys comprising the small band, which is supposed to play it, don't know the anthem. Instead, they play the theme to Hawaii Five-0! Afterwards, the mayor of Parkes apologizes for the mix-up, but the ambassador only laughs and says, "Sometimes, I wish it was our anthem." 

Mahalo to KJ, who provided this write-up. KJ writes, "It's a funny movie with some lovable and quirky characters and (I think) captures the flavor of that time period, complete with some pop tunes from that decade. I have to add that one of the dance tunes played at the celebration ball was 'A Taste of Honey,' which was co-written by Ric Marlow," who appeared in five episodes of Five-0.


 * Blue Bloods (CBS) seems to have been influenced by Five-0. Consider the character names: Jack, Garrett, Danny, and Jameson. And that's not all; themes seem to have been inspired by Five-0; e.g., a robbery of a diamond exchange in "Officer Down" (on Five-0, it was "10,000 Diamonds and  Heart") and a football player raped an unsuspecting and somewhat naive young woman in "Privilege" (on Five-0, it was three football players gang raping an unsuspecting and somewhat naive waitress in "A Touch of Guilt").

  *  Blue Bloods (CBS) made reference to Five-0 in several episodes, perhaps most notably in "Good Cop, Bad Cop" (Season 7, Episode 2), when gang leader Roxy Barnes (Felicia Pearson) called Detective Danny Reagan "Five-0" on three separate occasions.


 * Memorable Entertainment Television (Me-TV) has a snazzy new advertisement for their Five-0 re-runs (noon Eastern time). Lengthy, it shows McGarrett saying, "Book 'em, Danno! I said book 'em!" and declares that this is Five-0 with the real "0".

 * At a televised PBS fund-raising, entitled 60s Pop, Rock & Soul, the theme from Hawaii Five-0 was played by The Ventures and the program?s orchestra. During the song, scenes from the opening sequence were shown. Whenever  an image of Jack appeared, the audience cheered and applauded with great gusto. It was a wonderful salute to the star of Five-0, a man who was a generation older than most of the artists featured on the program. 

 * "Book 'em, Danno" and "Five-0" were spoken on the NCIS episode "Seadog" (Season 1).

 * "Book 'em, Danno" was spoken on the NCIS episode "Capitol Offense" (Season 6).Forensic scientist Abby Sciuto gave the order after determining that Detective Timothy McGee had stolen a cupcake given to her as a thank-you gift by Detective Ziva David.  


 * While making an arrest, SAIC Gibbs said, "Book 'em, DAN-ozzo" to which DiNozzo replied, "Nice Hawaii Five-0 reference, Boss." Seen in NCIS episode "Power Down" (Season 7). In a certain sense, this episode was a tribute to Five-0 and other shows of its era. When counter-intelligence knocked out the power to Maryland, Virginia, and the District, the NCIS detectives were required to solve the case in the time-honored way, by going through boxes upon boxes of financial records and fingerprints and by pounding the pavement. At first, they were grumbling and growling, but when they managed to solve the case, they felt a sense of reward and satisfaction they had not known before.

*  A rock musician served mushrooms that were thought to have killed a fashion model in the Blue Bloods episode "Model Behavior." When Detective Danny Reagan suggested that he killed her to put the lyrics of a new song at the top of the charts, the musician replied, "That would be number one with a bullet." The phrase "number one with a bullet" was used in the two-part episode of Hawaii Five-0 "entitled Number One With a Bullet" (Season 11).

*  A drug dealer from the tenements accused a neighbor of siccing Five-0 on him and his gang in an episode of Blue Bloods entitled "No Retreat, No Surrender" (Season 7). As it turned out, the neighbors had banded together to call in the police in an effort to drive the drug dealers out of their apartment building.


 * Numerous references to Five-0 and McGarrett were made on Magnum, PI. The first occurrence was in the pilot episode, "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii." Two thugs chasing Magnum in their car went over a cliff and burned. Magnum said that, rather than stay and spend hours explaining it all to Five-0, he crept home at 35 mph. Classic!


 * The Five-0 theme song was played, and Five-0 was being watched by a character on the British sitcom, To the Manor Born. (Thanks to T. Sedinger)


 * In an episode of Twilight Zone, two men were playing "connect the theme song to the correct TV show." One of the men hummed the Five-0 theme song. (Thanks, Steve's Girl)

 * Seen in a description of a 1956 episode of Highway Patrol on Old TV Shows

( "Before there was 'Book 'em, Dano' (their spelling) in Hawaii, there was 'Ten.Four' in California."

 * It's a battle of the bands between UH and USC, and it's all about Hawaii Five-0.


 * On ABC-TV''s Detroit 187  on November 30, 2010, a character asked, "Why does the Five-0 want to talk to me?"


 * A British columnist writing about struggles in Parliament wrote, "Do you remember the canoeists at the end of TV's Hawaii Five-0? Every week we saw them in the closing credits surging toward the beach. Every week the poor souls were no closer to land. All that effort for so little gain! Maddening. Yet they pressed, morale undimmed, an example to us all." (Letts, Quentin. "Clegg performs better than Lynne Featherstone. But then so does a hamster." Mal Online. December 2, 2010. http://www. 1334586/ Nick-Clegg-performs-better-Lynne-Featherstone.html)


 * Ninja Five-0 is an action video game by Nintendo in which the player is a ninja cop who goes after the bad guys.


 *  On a TV game show (name forgotten):

Q: What did McGarrett throw in a fight?

A: A Hawaiian punch


*  The British television show Are You Being Served? mentions Hawaii Five-0 in the Season 5 episode "Take-Over." (Mahalo to Kristin)


 * It seems that even Jive Bunny is into Hawaii Five-0. (Steve's Girl)  and


* In the movie Miss Congeniality, during the pageant brunch scene, when Miss New York is trying to pick a fight with Miss Hawaii (who is not the nicest person), she addresses her as "Five-0." (Mahalo to Honu)

*  In the episode "Saved on Preacher's Corner" on Highway Thru Hell (Season 4, Episode 2), the small wrecker, HR50, is called "Five-0."

*  In the television show Charlie's Angels (1976-1981), one of the detectives was named Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith). 

*  At the end of the movie, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991), the Grim Reaper (William Sadler) looks at Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) and says, “Book ‘em, Danno.” 

*  Near the end of the last episode of Stephen Fry in America (BBC, 2008), the following exchange takes place between the host (Fry) and his escort on Kaua'i.

     Fry:  Titus inveigles me to join up with some of his family for a quick paddle to his home on one of the most stunning beaches I've ever been to. It's quite hard to resist humming the theme tune from Hawaii Five-0, which everybody does, of course. It's a terrible cliche, but it's hard to resist.

     Titus:  No, that's it. That's what everybody can relate to. In the world, it's Hawaii Five-0 and canoe paddling, and . . .

*  In the episode of Family Affair (Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot, 1965-1971) entitled “Marmalade” (Season 1, Episode 5), gentleman’s gentleman Mr. French (Cabot) ends the episode by saying, “What is fame but an empty bubble?” after declining to become the proper English spokesman for a marmalade. At the end of the Hawaii Five-0 episode, “A Bird in Hand . . .” (Season 12), McGarrett said, “What is fame? An empty bubble.” His recitation was the correct quotation by R. Priest.


*  Another interesting fact is that Family Affair was produced by Don Fedderson Productions, which, in the early 1960s, produced a half-hour dramatic series entitled Tramp Ship. The series following the activities of a modern tramp ship’s captain, mate, and passengers and starring Neville Brand, was based on Jack’s idea and writing about his own experiences at sea.(1) The series failed to be picked up by a network.(2)


(1) "Tramp Ship." Broadcasting-Telecasting. February 20, 1961, p. 133.

(2) Goldberg, Lee. Unsold Television Pilots: 1955-1989. Adventures in Television, Inc., 2015.

*  In the episode of Longmire (2012-2017) entitled "Highway Robbery" (Season 4), Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) recites the line of poetry by John Donne that McGarrett recited in "Just Lucky, I Guess" (Season 2): "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind."

Programs on Which Five-0 Theme was Performed

Hawaii Five-0 (1968-1980)

Benny Hill Down Under (1977)

Surf II (1984)

Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever (1991)

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 / Hercules and the Captive Women (1992)

Cops and Robbersons (1994)

A Very Brady Sequel (1996)

One Foot in the Grave (1997)

Meet the Deedles (1998)

Black Milk (1999)

The Tao of Steve (2000)

Condo Painting (2000)

Screwed (2000)

The Dish (2000)

Duplex (2003)

50 First Dates (2004)

Shrek II (2004)

Friday Night Lights (2004)

The Simpsons / The Father, The Son, and the Guest Star (2005)

Madagascar (2005)

Leroy & Stitch (2006)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)

The Wrecking Crew! (2008)

Late Night with David Letterman / Episode 18.107 (2011)

No me la puc treure de cap / Televisio i Publicitat (2012)

Dirty Cops / Ta Batsonia (2012)

Dirty Cops / Ta Batsonia : The Vengeance (2012)

Dirty Cops / Ta Batsonia : No. 3 (2013)

Dirty Cops / Ta Batsonia : A Greek Novel About Crisis (2014)

Hawaii Five-0 (remake, 2010-)

Hawaii Five-0 in Crossword Puzzles

Here are some Five-0 related clues that have appeared in crossword puzzles:

Fuzz (5 letters) – FiveO

H50 crime fighter (5 letters) – Danno

H50 catch phrase (6 letters) – Book Em

H50 Mercury Driver (9 letters) – McGarrett

H50 lead role (9 letters) – McGarrett

H50 star (8 letters) – Jack Lord

H50 prop (3 letters) – lei

H50 locale (4 letters) – Oahu

H50 criminal mastermind (5 letters) – Wo Fat

H50 airer (3 letters) – CBS

H50 actor Fong (3 letters) – Kam

H50 actor (8 letters) – Jack Lord

H50 headquarters (12 letters) – Iolani Palace

H50 sleuth (14 letters) – Steve McGarrett


Link to Page giving Hawaii Five-0 related crossword clues:,-informally

Hawaii Five-0 in Books


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Referenced in the works of others:

Mahalo nui loa to TSedinger for letting us know that, in Tana French's new thriller, Faithful Place (Chapter 6, pp. 85-86), the main character, Frank Mackey, is describing the difference between the arrival of an undercover squad and a murder squad at a crime scene.  French writes,

"...we do love watching the Murder boys [making] their entrances. These two swung around the corner in an unmarked silver BMW that didn't need markings, braked hard, left the car at a dramatic angle, slammed doors in sync--they had probably been practicing--and swaggered off towards Number 16 with the music from Hawaii Five-0 blasting through their heads in full surround sound." 


Steve's Girl reports that Hawaii Five-0 is mentioned in Lee Goldberg's novel, Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii


On page 29, Mr. Monk's assistant, who tells the whole story, reports that

"[Mr. Monk]  led a Hawaii Five-0 singalong with everybody making up their own lyrics to the theme." 


On page 31, she says,

"I couldn't look at the Waikiki shoreline without thinking of that shot from the Hawaii Five-0 main titles, the camera zooming up [to] the rooftop of a hotel tower to find Jack Lord standing there, grim faced and stoic in his blue suit."



In former Honolulu Star Bulletin columnist, Charley Memminger's novel,  Aloha, Lady Blue (Minotaur Books, 2013):


On pages 53-54, when Stryker McBride goes to see Dr. McCall, the medical examiner, about the cause of death of Wai Lo Fat:

Dr. McCall:    You can drown in six inches of water. Especially if you aren't very mobile or ambulatory.

McBride:        What kind of water was it?

Dr. McCall:    Ah! So you are going after a Hawaii Five-0 scenario here, huh Stryker?

On page 68, when McBride goes to the building permits office in downtown Honolulu, he says,

"It's also next to 'Iolani Palace, which had been the only royal palace on U.S. soil, but was better known to fans of Hawaii Five-0 as the location of Steve McGarrett's corner office."


On page 97, when McBride is followed by a criminal in a SUV, he says,

"When [the criminal] got out of the driver's side and two more young Chinese men emerged from the bowels of the SUV like bad guys in a Hawaii Five-0 episode, I figured I had figured incorrectly. These guys looked like they were open for business."


On page 113, when Stryker McBride gets a message on his telephone answering machine which seems odd to him:

"​It seemed odd. Meeting on the Honolulu waterfront at night was a bit too Hawaii

Five-0 for me, but I figured she had a reason for doing it."



In his poem, "There is This Gal," published in The Right Path Taken (Published by iUniverse, 2009, p. 68), Terry Lawrence writes,

Position slouch, upon the couch, at night and never bored,
for on the tube, to watch the dude, the one they call Jack Lord.
With lots of class, he's kicking ass, epitome of mano.
Solves the crime, just in time, to "Book 'em" by his Dano. 

In his book, Golf Shorts and Plus Fours (Published by iUniverse, 2012, p. 77), Wayne T. Morden writes,

My friend Ian even had the opportunity to meet James MacArthur... You would know him better as playing the character Danny Williams, as in "Book 'em, Danno" from Hawaii Five-0.  Jack Lord, better known as Steve McGarrett and his slick hair, was not in sight, but John Glenn, John Havlicek, and Bobby Knight were joining him in the private dining room. 


In his novel, Honolulu Hotel (Mariner Books, 2001; reprint 2002, p. 21), Paul Theroux writes,


Now and then Buddy showed up to discuss a hotel matter. One day it was to find a way of getting the old TV actor Jack Lord into the hotel once a week ("free food and beverage") so that Madam Ma, our resident journalist, could mention this fact in her newspaper column. People might visit just to be in the same room with the former star of Hawaii-Five-O. But Lord, a reclusive sort, refused to show.


In his novel, Drop Shot (Random House, 2007, pgs. 38-39), Harlan Coben writes about Myron, an agent for tennis stars, and the security guard he encountered. He described the security guard as "...a man wearing a blue blazer and aviator sunglasses...a big guy -- six-four; two-twenty... His neatly combed hair sat above a pleasant though unyielding face." Here's how the meeting went:

His voice said, "Can I help you, sir?" But his tone said, Take a hike, bub.

Myron looked at him. "Anyone ever tell you you look like Jack Lord?"

No reaction.

"You know," Myron said. "Jack Lord? Hawaii Five-0?"

"I'll have to ask you to leave, sir."

"It's not an insult. Many people find Jack Lord very attractive."

"Sir, this is the last time I'm going to ask nicely."

Myron studied his face. "You even have that Jack Lord surly grin. Remember it?" Myron imitated the grin for him, in case he'd never seen the show.

The face twitched. "Okay, buddy, you're out of here." 


In Laureen Kwock's short story, "Old Flame" (Sunset Inn: Tales from the North Shore, Aloha Romance Writers, 2012), Jack is mentioned several times:

On page 153, Ms. Kwock writes,

"When she was in her twenties and quite beautiful, Darlene got a role in Hawaii Five-0. This was on the original show with Jack Lord, not the remake with Alex and Scott. She didn't have any scenes with Jack. Most of her scenes were with the guest star, who flew in from the West Coast for the week's shoot."

Also, on page 153, she writes,

"At her audition they asked if she could ride a horse and she'd said yes. Jack Lord, of course, the former hero of Stoney Burke, could ride a horse in his sleep."

At the end of the story, on page 154, Ms. Kwock writes,

"They'd turned Jack Lord into a statue at the Kahala Mall he frequented, but Darlene was okay."

Five-0 in Business Names


*  Five-0 Bar and Grill in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. (Many thanks to Mike Quigley for sending this information)

*  The website says, "From articles on celebs to funny animals to shopping to trendy and up-to-date-social media feeds, Fiveo is the place to go."  It certainly seems to be. Their home page gives links to articles on such topics as car-sized fossils in Argentina. Check it out.  

* Five-0 Driving School. Driving instruction for teenagers in Palatine, Illinois.

* Seen on the Outback Pizza menu: "Hawaii Pie-O - pineapple chunks, prosciutto, mozorelle, basil and oregano... Cook 'em, Dan-O." (Thanks, Steve's Girl. SG said Outback Pizza is located "somewhere between Killington (Vermont) and Lake Champlain" and that this appeared on their menu in 1997.)

* Don Ho's Island Grill in the Aloha Tower Marketplace, Honolulu, offers a Hawaii Five-0 pizza in the shape of a surfboard. Not the best pizza in the world, but definitely the most edible surfboard.

* Five-0 Shore Road, the name of a restaurant at that address in Ogunquit, Maine

* The Couch Potatas restaurant in Galway, Ireland, offers two menu items honoring Hawaii Five-0. The first, called "Hawaii Five-0," features ham and pineapple. The second, called "Book 'em Dano" (their spelling), features tuna. (Thanks, T. Sedinger. She writes, "It was quite a treat to run across my favorite show in Ireland!")


*  Hunan Wok III in Westfield, New Jersey, offers a dish called "Hawaii Five 'O'." It features roast pork, scallops, chicken, and lobster, which have been sauteed with Chinese vegetables and topped with fried shrimp. Mahalo to Vrinda.


* Five-0 Magnet. A shop in the Aloha Tower Marketplace, Honolulu (see photograph at the top of this section). Mahalo to Steve's Girl. 

* Hawaii 5-0 Properties. A real estate company in Honolulu.   

* Five-0 Race Division. They sell parts for mini racing bikes. They do not give their location on their website.

* Radio Five-0 Plus. A radio station in Gosford, New South Wales

* Five O Motorsport. They sell fuel injectors in Lakewood, California.

* Agency Five0. An advertising agency in New York City that focuses on consumers aged 50 to 70.

* Squad Five-0, a now-defunct contemporary Christian band from Savannah, Georgia.

* "Book 'em Danno" is a party band in Colorado that plays traditional Hawaiian and swing music in the style of the 1930s and 1940s.

* "Book 'em Danno" is IQware's search engine marketing program for the hospitality industry.

* "Book 'em Danno" is the name of several entertainment companies, including, but definitely not limited to these: (a) a freelance entertainment theater tour booking company in County Durham, UK, (b) a large-scale party planning company in New York, and (c) a party planning company on W. Honolulu Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Whoever would have expected to find a Honolulu Street in Oklahoma? Neat!

* A "vintage Five-0" magnet is for sale online.

* Sony makes a digital camera called the H50.

*  Danno's Grill in Covington, Tennessee.

*  Dan-O's Seasoning (in Original, Spicy, and Hot Chipotle). 

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