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Filmography - By Samoian - Flickr (page de l'image) - CC SA 1.0 licenses sa1.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Jack's career as an actor spanned more than four decades.


When Hawaii Five-0 first aired, he recalled that, in the early 1950s, Sanford Meisner had told him that it would take twenty years for him to establish himself as a good actor. Some of us think he hit the mark long before that, perhaps with his portrayal of Felix Leiter in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. So good was his brief appearance in that film that producer Albert Broccoli declined to have him reprise his role in Goldfinger for fear that he would show up the star! 

One thing is certain: Jack gave 100 percent to everything he did -- and it showed!


Don Owens.  The Counterfeit Killer  (1968)

Symcha Lipa. The Name of the Game is Kill  (1968)

Guy Russell.  Ride to Hangman's Tree  (1967)

Frank Thompson.  The Doomsday Flight (1966)

Felix Leiter.  Dr. No (1962)

Lincoln "Linc" Bartlett.  Walk Like a Dragon (1960)

Johnny Bishop.  The Hangman (1959)

Coaley Tobin. Man of the West (1958)

Buck Walden.  God's Little Acre (1958)

Willie Down.  The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958)

Jimmy Heldon.  Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957)

John Fry.  Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot (1957)

Ferrebouc.  The Vagabond King (1956)

Lieutenant Commander Zachary Lansdowne.  The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955)

Detective Deke DelVecchio.  The Tattooed Stranger (1950)

Tommy Warren.  Cry Murder (1950)

John Bates.  Project X a/k/a The Red Menace (1949)


Admiral Henderson. M Station: Hawaii  (1980, unsold pilot)

Steve McGarrett. Hawaii Five-0  (1968-1980)

Dan Brooks. The High Chaparral : The Kinsman  (1968)

Pharos Mandor.  The Man from UNCLE: The Master's Touch  (1967)

John Trask.  Ironside: Dead Man's Tale  (1967)

Alan Bartlett.  The Fugitive: Goodbye My Love  (1967)

George Vikor.  The Invaders: Vikor  (1967)

Roy Dallman.  The Virginian: High Stakes (1966)

Frank Andreas Shroeder.  The FBI: Collision Course (1966)

Colonel Yates.  12 O'Clock High: Face of a Shadow (1966)

Harry Marcus.  Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre: Storm Crossing (1966)

Don Owens.  Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre: The Faceless Man (1966)

Jab Harlan.  Laredo: Above the Law (1966)

Barney McKlosky.  Combat!: The Linesman (1966)

Lieutenant Colonel Preston Gallagher.  12 O'Clock High: Big Brother (1965)

Abe Perez.  Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre: The Crime (1965)

Rev. Mr. Booker.  The Loner: The Vespers (1965)

Paul Campbell.  Kraft Suspense Theatre: The Long Ravine (1965)

Lee Barton.  Wagon Train: The Echo Pass Story (1965)

Nick Castle.  The Reporter: How Much for a Prince? (1964)

Wally Walker.  The Greatest Show on Earth: Man in a Hole (1964)

Dr. Frank Michaels.  Dr. Kildare: A Willing Suspension of Disbelief  (1964)

Unknown role.  Grand Hotel (1964, unsold pilot)

Stoney Burke.  Stoney Burke (1962-1963)

Ernie Chapin.  Checkmate: The Star System (1962)

Wilt Farrell.  Cain's Hundred: Dead Load (1961)

Paul Evans.  Rawhide: Incident of His Brother's Keeper (1961)

Johnny Kane.  Stagecoach West: The Butcher (1961)

Russ Doty.  Stagecoach West: House of Violence (1961)

Jim Houston.  Outlaws: The Bell (1961)

Charlie Goodwin.  The Americans: Half Moon Road (1961)

Gabe Johnson.  Route 66: Play It Glissando (1961)

Unknown role.  The Robert Herridge Theatre: A Song with an Orange in It (1961)

Cary Glennon.  Naked City: The Human Trap (1960)

Clay Renton.  Bonanza: The Outcast (1960)

Unknown role.  The Quiet Man (1959, unsold pilot)

Dan Gardner.  Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond: Father Image (1959)

Army Armitage.  The Lineup: The Strange Return of Army Armitage (1959)

Bill Hagen.  The Untouchables: The Jake Lingle Killing (1959)

Blake.  Rawhide: Incident of the Calico Gun (1959)

Joe.  The Loretta Young Show a/k/a Letter to Loretta: Marriage Crisis (1959)

Lee Randolph.  The Millionaire: The Lee Randolph Story (1958)

Matt Bonner.  US Marshal: Sentenced to Death (1958)

Detective.  The Sergeant and the Lady (1958, unsold pilot)

Homer Aswell.  Playhouse 90: Reunion (1958)

Jim Kester.  Playhouse 90: Lone Woman.  (1957)

Myles / Nate Brandell.  Gunsmoke: Doc's Reward (1957)

Dave Enderby.  Have Gun, Will Travel: Three Bells to Perdido (1957)

Hurt.  The Silent Service: Loss of the Perch (1957)

Charlie Mullaney.  Climax!: Mr. Runyon of Broadway (1957)

Unknown role.  Conflict: Pattern for Violence (1957)

Matt. Studio One: A Day Before Battle (1956)

Paul Chester.  Studio One: An Incident of Love  (1956)

Unknown role.  Omnibus: One Nation (1956)

Lieutenant Commander Zachary Lansdowne.  Omnibus:The Court-Martial of Billy

     Mitchell (1956)

Unknown role.  The Philco Television Playhouse: This Land is Mine (1956)

Unknown role.  Goodyear Playhouse: This Land is Mine (1956)

Unknown role.  Repertory Theatre: This Land is Mine (1956)

Buck.  Lux Video Theatre: Jezebel (1956)

Lieutenant Davis. The Elgin Hour: Combat Medics (1955)

Bill, diner proprietor. Appointment with Adventure: Five in Judgment (1955)

Unknown role.  Armstrong Circle Theatre: Buckskin (1955)

Unknown role.  Danger: Season for Murder (1955)

Unknown role.  Man Against Crime: The Chinese Dolls (1954)

Unknown role.  Suspense: String (1954)

Unknown role.  The Web: Grand Finale (1954)

Unknown role.  Broadway Television Theatre: Criminal at Large (1953, credited as Jack


Unknown role.  Man Against Crime: Midnight Express (1953)

Unknown role.  The Hunter: The Puzzle of Pier 90 (1952)


     Unconfirmed Television Roles (uncredited)

     Unknown role.  Tom Corbett, Space Cadet  (aired 1950-1955)

     Unknown role.  You are There (aired 1953-1957)

Theater Productions

Brick Pollitt.  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  (Broadway, 1955)

Slim Murray.  The Traveling Lady  (Broadway, 1954)

Unknown role.  The Illegitimist  (Off-Broadway, 1954)

Unknown role.  The Savage  (Off-Broadway, 1954)

Island Native.  The Little Hut  (Off-Broadway, 1953)

Arizona.  Flame Out  (Road production, 1953)

Other Appearances

Presenter. AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Gene Kelly (1985)

Presenter. AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Frank Capra (1982)

Guest. Good Morning, America (1979)

Presenter. The 30th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Best Lead Actress in a Limited

     Series (1978)

Presenter. AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra (1978)

Guest. Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour: Hawaii (1971)

Guest. The Mike Douglas Show (1969)

Guest. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1966)

Presenter. The Bob Hope Show: Presentation of the TV Guide Awards (1963)

Guest. Jungle Jay Show (Philadelphia). (1963)

Other Hats He Wore

Executive Producer / Director. M Station: Hawaii (1980)

Narrator. The Whales that Wouldn't Die (1980)

Co-Executive Producer (uncredited). Hawaii Five-0 (1974-1978)

Director. Hawaii Five-0

     Who Says Cops Don't Cry? (1979)

     Why Won't Linda Die? (1978)

     The Bells Toll at Noon (1977)

     Honor is an Unmarked Grave (1975)

     How to Steal a Masterpiece (1974)

     Death with Father (1974)

Associate Producer. Cry Murder (1950)

Honorable Mentions

The Very Very Best of the 70s: Action TV Shows (2019). Featured as Steve McGarrett

Entertainment Tonight (2017). Featured as himself

The Sixties: When Television Came of Age (2014).  Featured as Steve McGarrett

Everything or Nothing (2012). Featured as Felix Leiter

Emme's Island Moments: Hawaii Five-0 Revisited (2012). Featured as himself

60s Pop, Rock & Soul (2011). Featured as himself

Pioneers of Television: Crime Dramas (2011).  Featured as Steve McGarrett

La Tele de su Vida (2007).  Featured as Steve McGarrett

The Exotic Locations of Dr. No (2006).  Featured as Felix Leiter

Hello, Junkie (2001).  Special thanks to Jack

Inside Dr. No (2000).  Featured as himself

Screwed (2000).  Featured as Steve McGarrett

The James Bond Story 1999). Featured as Felix Leiter

The Hypnotic Eye: 2nd Anniversary Special (1998). Dedicated to Jack on his passing

The Secrets of 007: The James Bond Files (1997). Featured as Felix Leiter

Emme's Island Moments: Memories of Hawaii Five-0 (1996). Featured as himself

Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town (1969). Audience Bow

Here's Hollywood (1962). Featured as himself (2 episodes)

English-to-German Translations

Steve's Girl was good enough to prepare the following two tables showing English and German titles for films and television programs in which Jack appeared. She wrote, "There was a problem with the TV shows: for quite a lot there was no information whether they were shown in Germany or not. I included 'Laredo' and 'Checkmate,' because I know they were shown, but I don't know anything about the episodes with Jack." Mahalo nui loa, Steve's Girl.

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