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Jack Influenced Us

Eric Westerlund knew Jack, personally. Here is what he had to say about their friendship in several e-mail messages that we exchanged more than five years ago:

"After our home in Nuuanu caught fire we lived at 175 Hanapepe Loop.

Just down the street at the cliff house on Portlock Point, the Five O crew

filmed many episodes. On an invite from my step Dad, Dr. Tommy Mossman,

his cousin Doug brought Jack to the house for lunch. He was so gracious

and explained how unusual it was for him to have a “family meal” as he

always dined alone on the set. I was thoroughly impressed with the guy and

still am. [I] feel blessed to have had the good fortune to be briefly in the

sphere of Mr. Jack Lord . What a guy.

"Another tidbit about my friend Jack Lord, in the early part of 1983, I was

managing a Gallery in the Ala Moana Hotel. Mid-afternoon I was sitting at

my desk reading the “National Lampoon” and laughing at one of the

many funny stories they wrote. I heard a knock on the plate glass window

behind me, and there was Jack Lord grinning and motioning me to come

outside. I walked out to greet him , his white Cadillac had the trunk open with

his art inside, and I helped him carry it into the gallery. Jack looked at me

quizzically, and then said, “Oh , You are Doug Mossman’s nephew.” He

recalled the day when we had him as a guest for lunch while the Five O crew

was filming at Koko Head.

"Three years later I had my own Gallery in Discovery Bay, across from the

Illikai Hotel, and Jack was one of the featured artists. He was a very warm

and amiable guy. His art was really important to him, so much so that of all

the many artists I have known, Jack seemed to be the most concerned

about how the public responded to his creations. Jack did some incredible

Haiku calligraphy that were truly beautiful. They were among his best work

in my opinion. To this day, I am still awestruck by how a major international

star of his stature could be so sensitive about his art. After all, being an

actor is an art, and Jack was one of the best. The fact is that the very finest

artists never seem to be satisfied with what they create. This is what makes

the best stand out from the rest. 

"It is funny how back then I really did not grasp the significance of knowing

Jack. He was simply an amiable fellow and regular guy. Seeing all the

episodes of the show has filled me with both nostalgia and regret as I wish

that I had gotten to know Jack more personally. The times I did spend with

him are forever in my mind. He was an awesome individual."

Comments from Our Members

From Dé Tromp:

"What I've learnt from Jack is to appreciate the tremendous wealth and beauty of English literature. It has inspired me to study English and its vocabulary. Five-0 contains words I write down and memorize later, since my vernacular is Dutch. I also try to aim high, be versatile and honest. Yeah, I very much would like to call Jack my foremost mentor."

From Park Lane:

"I was a little kid...when I discovered the formidable yet kind and very moral Mr. McGarrett. I still have a child-like love of him and Mr. Lord. Their examples gave me a sense of order, purpose, and security in the world when I saw very little of it elsewhere."


From MercuryLover:

"Loved Jack Lord's acting, because he played himself."


From MiddleEarthLover:

"...Every single person I met had nice things to say about Jack and Marie Lord and the show. The nicest compliment I heard about Jack directly was how devoted he was to his wife and marriage. He had endeared himself through his humanitarianism and his dedication to the State. It was eye opening for me to learn that this talented, handsome actor had a kind heart that was not just for show. He lived his principles, was honest, loyal, generous and kind. He and Marie made a 49 year marriage work by adoring each other. Nice life lesson for a lot of folks, myself included..."



From Cashwell:

"Silent heroes are the cream of the crop. They never expect anything back for what they have done. The world needs more Jack Ryans. He is missed. Wish he could have met the new crew on 5-0. He would have been a tremendous influence on their careers and private lives. The man had true balance and harmony in life."


From Jean G.:

". . . A lady . . . told me Jack Lord was a wonderful man and gave such a lot of himself to the island and that he was well respected and liked . . ."

From Tom Bailey:

". . . Mr. Ryan was and is a major influence in my life. I became a Law Enforcement Officer because of his character on Hawaii Five O. I saw how he personified the character and I even developed my methodology and demeanor of McGarrett. Many of my associates often called me McGarrett or often just 5-0. I have read everything I could find on his personal life. My sister actually met him while she was living in Hawaii and she said he was very nice and genuine. She told him that I was a huge fan and about my moniker in law enforcement. She said he chuckled and extended his warmest wishes to me. I have always remembered that. RIP, Mr Ryan."


From Dano Baptista:

"Back in the late 70s Jack Lord would come into a Chevron Gas Station called Sam Spoones Chevron. It was located just past Kaimuki. He was always kind to us as we prepared his car to be washed. Such a kind-hearted person."

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