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Jack was named honorary commodore by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary (note the star on his shoulderboard). He is seen advocating the courtesy boat examination program, which made its way onto Hawaii Five-0 in Season 3's And a Time to Die.

Photograph provided by Steve's Girl and used courtesy of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Jack was honored for his professional accomplishments and his service to others. Here are a few of the honors about which we've learned:

Tripler Army Medical Center (1981).  Jack was honored for his work for recuperating Vietnam veterans during the Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, Tripler Army Medical Center.

Golden Bell Awards (1981).  In May 1981, Jack received a Golden Bell Award from the Taiwan Film Academy. In the same ceremony, he presented the award for best actress. The Golden Bell Award is Taiwan's equivalent to the Academy Awards. See a video of his presenting the best actress award. Mahalo nui loa to Nadja and Steve's Girl for their efforts in researching this issue.

Recognition by the State of Hawai'i (1979, 1972).   In 1979, Jack was named the Hawai`i Citizen of the Year. The legislature passed a resolution citing Jack's "outstanding contributions to the state. It was the first time in Hawaii's history such official praise had been heaped upon an actor."  In 1972, Jack was awarded a special citation by the governor of Hawai'i for "selling Hawaii" to the world via Hawaii Five-0 and his personal appearances.  Governor John Burns declared "Jack Lord Day" in a proclamation to honor the series' role in promoting Hawai'i (date unknown).


Variety Club Testimonial Luncheon (1978).  On July 23, 1978, Jack was honored by the Variety Club with a testimonial luncheon at the Sheraton Waikiki. The Royal Hawaiian Guards escorted him to the ballroom, where the luncheon was held. A slide presentation entitled "Portrait of a Star" highlighted Jack's career. One of the slides showed Jack with Glen Campbell when Jack appeared on Glen's special in Hawai`i. The moderator explained that Jack practiced long and hard for each of his appearances and said, tongue-in-cheek, "The Strawberry Roan is not one of Marie Lord's favorite songs." Read more about Jack's appearance on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour in Actor / TV Guest Appearances.

No Greater Love Award (1977 / 1974).  In both 1974 and 1977, Jack was honored with the No Greater Love Award at Tripler Army Hospital. Read about the award under Philanthropist / Public Figure.

Who's Who in the World (1976/1977).  Jack was named to Who's Who in the World (1976/1977, 3rd edition) for "demonstrat[ing] outstanding achievement in [his] fields of endeavor and... contribut[ing] significantly to the betterment of contemporary society."

Honolulu Pacific Federal Executive Board (1975).  Jack was honored for his "Exceptional Service and Outstanding Contributions to the Federal Community in 1974. The Honolulu Pacific Federal Executive Board was established in 1961 to assist agencies in establishing and maintaining quality programs in such areas as emergency management and security.

University of Hawaii Football Team (1974).  Jack was presented with an award for his support of the University of Hawai'i football team.

Coast Guard Honors (1972).  A commissioned officer in the US Merchant Marines, Jack was named honorary commodore in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. The rank of commodore has enjoyed both active-duty status and honorary status through the years. Since World War II, it has been an honorary rank roughly equivalent to rear admiral (lower half); thus, a commodore wears a single star. The Coast Guard Auxiliary's courtesy boat examination program made its way onto Hawaii Five-0 in "And a Time to Die" (Season 3).  Many thanks to Steve's Girl, who helped to provide this information. 


About the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.   The US Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGA) was established in 1939 to assist the US Coast Guard in all related matters, except military and law enforcement. Operating under the Department of Homeland Security, the USCGA’s activities include, but are not limited to, vessel safety check, harbor patrol, safe boating education, search and rescue, marine environmental protection, and recruitment for the US Coast Guard. Membership is open to anyone age 17 or over. Currently, membership includes 30,000 men and women, all of whom are volunteer civilians. To learn more about the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, visit their website at

Men and Women of Hawaii (1972).  In 1972, Jack was named in Men and Women of Hawaii: A Biographical Directory of Noteworthy Men and Women of Hawaii, published by the Star-Bulletin Printing Company of Honolulu, Hawai`i.


Gubernatorial Resolution (1970).  Resolution granted by Governor John A. Burns for Jack's contributions to the State of Hawai'i.

State Resolution (1970).  Resolution passed by the Hawai'i State Legislature honoring Jack for his contributions to the State of Hawai'i.

Bronze Wrangler Award (1963).  The four-man cast of Stoney Burke shared the Bronze Wrangler Award at the 1963 Western Heritage Awards ceremony. Jack Lord, Warren Oates, Robert Dowdell, and Bruce Dern won for the very first episode, "The Contender." See the Stoney Burke Page and the Stoney Burke Episodes for more information about the winning episode and the series, in general.

TV Guide Award for Favorite New Series (1963) for Stoney Burke.

Theatre World Award (1954-1955).  Jack won a Theatre World Award in the 1954-1955 presentations for his debut Broadway performance in Horton Foote's The Traveling Lady. The Theatre World Award is given each year to twelve actors and twelve actresses for outstanding performances in their first Broadway appearances. 

Saint-Gauden's Medal (circa 1938).  While a senior in high school, Jack was was awarded the Saint-Gauden's Medal in Fine Art. His work was displayed in the main corridor at John Adams High School, where he studied. In addition, Jack was chosen to serve as art editor for his school newspaper.

Honolulu Sertoma Club.  Jack was named an honorary member of the Honolulu chapter of Sertoma International for his work with hearing-impaired children. The Sertoma Club works to promote hearing health and to assist the deaf and hearing impaired. Many thanks to Steve's Girl.


Law Enforcement  

The following represent letters written to Jack commending him for his service to the field of law enforcement. The actual letters recently sold on Ebay. Here is the gist of their contents:

 * Letter to Jack Lord from Francis Keala, Chief, Honolulu Police Department, dated April 6, 1979, inviting Jack and Marie to the Department’s “Eleventh Annual Police Banquet on Saturday, May 19, 1979, at the Coral Ballroom, Hilton Hawaiian Village.” (Editor’s Note: Jack and Marie were out of town and could not attend.)


 * Letter to Mr. Michael Glick, Unit Manager, Hawaii Five-0, from Lt. James Naylor, Personnel Division, Honolulu Police Department, dated January 31, 1969, asking him “to present a courtesy membership card” to Jack “in behalf of President John J. Harrington, Fraternal Order of Police, because of his contribution to policing as the star of Hawaii Five-0.”


 * Letter to John J. Ryan from Mayor Sam Yorty (Los Angeles, California) dated September 15, 1965, thanking Jack “for your encouraging communication of support, not only for myself but for our splendid Police Department…”


 * Letter to John Joseph Ryan from Chief W. H. Parker (Los Angeles Police Department) dated August 30, 1965, thanking Jack “for the gracious remarks contained in your recent letter. It is support such as yours that improves the status of all law enforcement officers…”

Other Honors

* Nominated for TV Land Award for Coolest Crime Fighting Team, Hawaii Five-0, 2006


* Certificate of Achievement, US Army, Tripler Army Medical Center, date unknown


* Request from the Democratic Party of Hawai'i to run for governor of the state, date unknown


* Request from the Republican Party of Hawa'i to run for governor of the state, date unknown


*  Navy and Coast Guard officers accepted Jack as the honorary commodore he was, met him socially, and shared war stories with him.


* Honored by the Salvation Army, which named the worship center at the Kroc Center "The Jack and Marie Lord Worship and Performing Arts Center"


* Honored by the University of Georgia's Museum of Art, which established a new publication as a result of his donation of works by Marc Chagall.


* Honored by more than 40 museums and galleries that have displayed his art

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