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from an avid fan

Mike Quigley sent these excerpts that one of Jack's serious fans sent to him. Known to us only as "Lora,"  she kept a journal during the years when Hawaii Five-0 was being filmed. These excerpts appeared on Mike’s site in January 1999. Mahalo nui, Mike! Mahalo to you, "Lora," for sharing with us your desire to know Jack. We know exactly how you felt.


12/20/73.  Thursday. A telephone operator friend told me that today she handled a call placed by Jack Lord.  I thought she was kidding me until I got home and saw in [a newspaper] column that Jack Lord is here in San Francisco! [The] column said that Lord was seen at the Blackwell Gallery on Sutter . . . just 15 blocks from my apartment!!!!


12/21/73.  Friday. My operator friend handled another call from Jack Lord today! [My sister] found an article in Tuesday's paper that said Lord arrived in San Francisco at 8 a.m. on Tuesday on the SS Monterey. [Editor’s Note: It seems likely that he was there while filming “Killer at Sea,” which aired on February 19, 1974.]


12/22/73.  Saturday. Went to the St. Francis [Hotel] in hopes of seeing Jack Lord -- maybe. No luck.


12/23/73.  Sunday. We opened our Christmas presents today, because I have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I gave my sister a stuffed animal. She called it Lord Hippo -- friends can call it Jack -- after Jack Lord!


01/07/74.  Monday.  Honolulu. Shopping at Kahala Mall.  2:30 p.m.  At [the] entrance to [the upscale department store,] Joseph Magnin's at Kahala Mall -- saw Jack and Marie Lord.  Both were wearing his-and-her outfits.  Bright red shirt jackets, blue leather pants, black hats.  Mrs. Lord had a white shoulder bag and huge black shopping bag.  He told her he would be out in the car.  She bought perfume at Magnin's and charged it.  [Psycho fan alert! I stayed a discreet distance away -- pretending to shop].


01/08/74.  Tuesday.  Honolulu. Went to the Sheraton Waikiki to see the Jack Lord exhibit at the Margaret Keane Gallery. Some of the titles:  "Sand Island," "The Sisters," "Kona Coast," "Autumn," "What Aloha Means," all lithos in limited editions.  There were two original watercolors and an original oil.


"Sand Island," "The Sisters," and "Kona Coast" 

Hawaii five-O on tonight -- 7 p.m., Channel 9 in Honolulu.  Saw "The Banzai Pipeline" again.  TV in Honolulu is a week behind the Mainland.


01/09/74.  Wednesday.  Honolulu. 1:30 p.m. - Started the walk around Diamond Head via Monsarrat, Diamond Head Road.  Passed Hawaii Five-O Studios at Diamond Head and Paikau Street.


We went to the Pearlridge Shopping Center and looked at more Jack Lord paintings and lithographs at the Margaret Keane Gallery there.


01/12/74.  Saturday.  Honolulu. Went back to the Margaret Keane Gallery at the Sheraton Waikiki.  Fell in love with Jack Lord's "What Aloha Means" litho.  Bought it.  $100. #3/100.  Wonder who has #'s 1 and 2?  [The clerk] at the gallery also supplied me with 2 autographed photos of Jack Lord.














"What Aloha Means" a/k/a "Aloha Nui Loa"

with poem by poet laureate Don Blandings

01/13/74.  Sunday.  Honolulu. Had lunch at Wo Fat's [restaurant] in Chinatown.  Tommy Sands was there having lunch, same time. [Editor’s Note: Sands appeared in “No Blue Skies,” “Hit Gun for Sale,” and “A Sentence to Steal.”]


02/19/74.  Tuesday. Hawaii Five-O tonight -- "Killer at Sea".  This is the one that was filmed aboard the SS Monterey on its way from Honolulu to San Francisco. [Author’s Note: I wrote this, but is it true?]


06/10/74.  Monday.  Honolulu. B. called at 10:30 a.m. to say Five-O was filming in the lobby of the Ilikai.  I tried to get up, but was still too weak [from a bout of food poisoning].  Missing Five-O and Jack Lord made me feel worse.


2:00 p.m. - B. sent a get well flower arrangement.  Called right away to thank him.  He said they were still filming Five-O at the Ilikai.


2:30 p.m. - B. called again.  Said today was the last time they would be filming at the Ilikai.  Better go.


3:00 p.m. - Arrived at the Ilikai.  Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong, Al Harrington, William Windom filming "Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?"


Touched Lord on his left shoulder (he was sitting down) and asked for his autograph.  [Lawdy! I was so brazen back in my youth!] He replied, "I'm not giving autographs today, honey."  [Author's Note: Oh, gawd!  He called me "honey"!  Swoon!] "I've already refused about 200 people, and if I start now, they'll all hate me."


Lord filmed until about 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Between takes, Lord posed for pictures.  When I took a picture, he asked, "Did you get it?" I said, "Yes.  Thank you." I left the Ilikai around 7:30 p.m.  The camera crew was still there.


Oh, between takes, Lord got a styrofoam cup of iced tea and then left the empty cup on the edge of the fountain.  Guess who now has that cup! Ta-dum!!  And Jack Lord drinks Fresca -- yuck.


06/12/74.  Wednesday.  Honolulu. Got my photos of gorgeous Jack Lord (all 14 of them) plus 50 feet of color movie film back from the Outrigger Camera Shop on Kalakaua. Beautiful.  Beautiful.


[Author's Note: I've moved several times since 1974.  Some of the photos have been found.  Others are "lost" -- banished to some unknown storage box. Alas, Jack's styrofoam cup is in one of those boxes, too.  But I'm keeping the faith.  My journal was "lost" for 21 years, until a few days ago...]


06/13/74.  Thursday.  Honolulu. Called the Keane Gallery to inquire about Lord's "Sand Island" lithograph.  They still have it.  Went to the gallery to take a look. Only had one print on hand, framed in Chinese red -- yucky.  I told . . . the president of the gallery that I liked the print but didn't care for the frame or mat.  Asked him if he could get me a print framed in gold.  He got on the phone and called Lord's framer to find out.  According to him, the framer only does Lord's framing in his spare time -- he works on the Five-O set during the day.  [The framer] wasn't in, so [the president of the gallery] left a message.  I asked [him] if Lord pulled his own prints. He said he thought so, but wasn't sure.  He said Lord took a course up at the University of Hawaii in lithography, and gets to use the facilities there.


06/14/74.  Friday.  Honolulu. Called the Keane Gallery about "Sand Island."  [The gallery president] said [the framer] promised to have the print delivered by Saturday at the latest.


06/15/74.  Saturday.  Honolulu. 8:20 p.m. - Called [the president of] the Keane Gallery.  He said Lord's framer did not bring "Sand Island" to the gallery today, as promised.  He is going to send the litho to my office -- special delivery -- this week. I reminded him to please find out if Lord pulled his own prints.


06/16/74.  Sunday.  Honolulu. Ala Moana Center.  Hailed a cab near Foodland. Three strangers asked if they could share the cab with me.  They were headed for the Kahala [Kahala Hilton Hotel]. Three pharmacists from Connecticut.  I struck up a conversation in the cab with the lady sitting next to me.  Turns out she is a Jack Lord fan! She said that he lives next door to the Kahala, but they haven't seen him yet.


06/18/74.  Monday.  Honolulu. Leaving for San Francisco today.  Arrived at Honolulu airport around 10:15 a.m.  Checked in at the Pan Am counter.  Would you believe that the Five-O crew was filming at the airport, right outside the building where I checked in?!  Watched them film for about 1 1/2 hours.  James MacArthur, Cameron Mitchell, plus doubles for Jack Lord, Kam Fong, and Al Harrington.  McGarrett's black Mercury Marquis was there (F6-3958)!


[I later found out that they were filming a scene from "Welcome to Our Branch Office."  What I thought were doubles turned out to be Thorwald Boie (Fake McGarrett), C.K. Ching (Fake Chin Ho), and Ralph P. Hanalei (Fake Ben).]


06/24/74.  Monday.  San Francisco. Jack Lord's "Sand Island" lithograph arrived at my office today in the a.m. from Honolulu.  The frame - gold!


08/21/74.  Wednesday.  San Francisco. Received a letter from [the president of the Keane Gallery, Honolulu. Jack Lord does pull his own original prints, and he does use a manual press. The receipt for the "Sand Island" litho was enclosed with the letter.


09/13/74.  Friday.  San Francisco. Got my pictures back from FotoMat this evening.  Included was a photo of McGarrett's car parked at the Honolulu International Airport.


10/21/74.  Monday.  Honolulu. Went to the Keane Gallery at the Sheraton-Waikiki.  They didn't have any of Jack Lord's works on exhibit.  He's not there anymore?


11/22/74.  Friday.  San Francisco. From yesterday:  Couple of people at work told me that the San Francisco Examiner had a line about Jack Lord.  He's in New York this week, or something like that.  The employees couldn't remember the exact details.


11/28/74.  Thursday.  San Francisco. CBS broadcast the Aloha Week Parade, taped in Honolulu earlier this month.  Jack Lord introduced the parade.


06/01/75.  Sunday.  Honolulu. At the Ala Moana Shopping Center. Just as I was leaving the parking lot, I saw Glenn Cannon (John Manicote).  I looked at him like, "I know who you are."  He returned my look with a look that conveyed, "I know you know who I am and yes, I'm him."  I'll be so embarrassed if he really wasn't Glenn Cannon...According to the newspaper, Jack Lord's paintings are being exhibited at "Arts International." Must go take a look tomorrow. [Editor’s Note: We can see one of Jack’s paintings in an art gallery window at that shopping center in “The Diamond That Nobody Stole” (Season 5).]


06/02/75.  Monday.  Honolulu. Couldn't find Jack Lord's works.


06/03/75.  Tuesday.  Honolulu. Walked by Jack's place.  Made a mad dash back to the Ilikai to watch "Hawaii Five-O" at 7 p.m. [Author's Note: "One Born Every Minute" (Season 6)].  "Computer Killer" is supposed to be shown in San Francisco tonight. [Editor’s Note: Remember, she said the episodes aired in Hawaii a week later than they aired on the Mainland.]


06/06/75.  Friday.  Honolulu. Stopped by the Keane Gallery at the Sheraton-Waikiki.  Jack Lord's works are on exhibit again.


06/07/75.  Saturday.  Honolulu. Took a shuttle bus from the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the Kahala [Kahala Hilton Hotel].  Saw Redd Fox walking around the shops inside the Kahala.  We [?] decided to walk back to the Ilikai -- with a slight detour to the beach behind Jack's place.  Fantastic view of Koko Head from the back.  Took us exactly 2 hours to reach the Ilikai.


08/28/75.  Thursday.  San Francisco. The phone rang and I didn't answer it.  Later I found out it was someone trying to tell me that Jack Lord was on TV in an old rerun of "The F.B.I."  RATS!


10/17/75.  Friday.  Honolulu. According to the Beach Press, Jack Lord will be at a benefit tea at La Pietra (Hawaii School for Girls) from 2:00-4:30 p.m. on Sunday, 10/19/75.  It costs $7.50 to get in. Hawaii Five-O tonight:  "Death's Name Is Sam" – 8:30 p.m. on KGMB. I fell asleep during Five-O!  Heaven forbid!!!


10/18/75.  Saturday.  Honolulu. Watched the Aloha Week Parade from the front of the Ilikai, 9:45-11:45 a.m. Going out to search for Jack Lord's works. Stopped by Gallery Hawaii at the International Market Place, and saw this absolutely fabulous Jack Lord original watercolor of 2 fighting cocks done in shades of red and orange.





I asked for the price...$2,500...She did not have the authority to negotiate the price.  I gave the gal my phone number and told her to call me with the artist's bottom price. Then I left…Went shopping at Kahala Mall...A message from the art gallery was waiting for me when I returned to the Ilikai.  The painting can be bought for $2,250.  Think of all the underwear I can buy for $2,250!...Decided not to go to the benefit tea tomorrow. By the way, it's at 2933 Poni Moi -- over by Diamond Head.


10/21/75.  Tuesday.  Honolulu. In today's Star-Bulletin -- Jack Lord will be at a show honoring Hilo Hattie next Tuesday evening at the Hilton's Coral Ballroom.


11/27/75.  Thursday.  San Francisco. Thanksgiving.  CBS TV broadcast the Aloha [Week] Parade taped in Honolulu in October.  Jack Lord introduced and narrated the whole parade this year.  He was on a horse in Ala Moana Park...Rats!  I was just 3 blocks away at the Ilikai while he was taping the segment around 7:30 a.m.  If only I had known...

12/16/75.  Tuesday.  San Francisco. Got to work and found a gorgeous picture of Jack Lord on my desk.  It was in a brown paper bag with "Eat your heart out" written on the outside...

Editor's Notes: Several things stand out in Lora's notes:

First is how diligently Jack worked to sell his paintings, even as he worked 18 hours a day, six days a week, on Hawaii Five-0. Where did he find the time!?!  Of course, he did show some of his paintings on the show, such as on Honoré Vashon’s living room wall in the Season 5 Vashon Trilogy and, especially, on the walls of the Barlow Estate in “Invitation to Murder” (Season 10).

Second is how active Jack was in civic and philanthropic interests -- again, as he worked long hours on the show. We’ve seen pictures and videos of Jack riding a white horse in the Aloha Week Parade, but Lora’s journal excerpts somehow bring into focus just how active Jack was.

Third goes to Don Blandings' poem on the lithograph "What Aloha Means." It is interesting to note that Rose Freeman read this poem at James MacArthur's funeral.

Fourth is actually a question: Lora mentioned Gallery Hawaii as being in the International Marketplace, yet in the episode “Invitation to Murder,” a gallery by that name was seen in the Hyatt Regency. Here, we must note that Lora’s visits took place several years before this episode was filmed. Perhaps, Gallery Hawaii was so successful that it was able to move up to the Hyatt. Perhaps, someone can answer this question for us. As an aside, the Hyatt Regency appeared again in “East Wind / Ill Wind” (Season 10), although Gallery Hawaii did not.

My Kona Coast-1.JPG
What Aloha Means.jpg

2 fighting cocks painting

Gallery Hawaii - Invitation to Murder-2-

Screen capture from "Invitation to Murder," Hawaii Five-0. Leonard Freeman Productions / CBS Television, 1978.

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