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Jack’s 100th Birthday Challenge

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Write one or a few paragraphs on one of the following topics:


*  What you would talk about if you could spend one hour with Jack

*  What you think he would say was his favorite of all the roles he played

*  What Jack means to you and why


Post your paragraph in the Guestbook.

Jack’s 100th Birthday Challenge

Tuesday, December 29, 2020



Answer ONLY 2 of the following questions. Post your answers in the Guestbook.


1.  Jack’s merchant ship was torpedoed in this location during World War II:

a.  Off the coast of North Carolina

b.  On the Murmansk run

c.  Off the coast of Italy

d.  In port, Portsmouth, England


2. Jack played this position on the New York University football team:

a.  Quarterback

b.  Center

c.  Sub-tackle

d.  Wide receiver


3.  Jack proposed to Marie at this restaurant:

a.  El Faro

b.  Sardi's

c.  McDonald's

d.  Tavern on the Green


4.  Jack and Marie were married on this date:

a.  August 16, 1954

b.  December 12, 1948

c.  January 17, 1949

d.  September 20, 1953


5.  Jack taught art at this school:

a.  John Adams High School

b.  Germantown, New York, High School

c.  Village Academy of Art

d.  New York University

6.  Jack portrayed this role in the road production of Flame Out:

a.  MiG fighter pilot

b.  "Arizona"

c.  Draftee

d.  Chaplain


7.  Jack portrayed a former football player in this Broadway play:

a.  Stoney Burke

b.  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

c.  The Traveling Lady

d.  The Little Hut


8.  Jack met Gary Cooper at this location:

a.  Dealership where Jack was selling cars

b.  CBS headquarters, Manhattan

c.  Universal Studios, Hollywood

d.  Colonial Williamsburg

Jack’s 100th Birthday Challenge

Monday, December 28, 2020

                        Note: Post your answers in the Guestbook.

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Jack’s 100th Birthday Challenge

Sunday, December 27, 2020


Scenario: In this imagining to celebrate Jack’s 100th birthday, That Darn Virus does not exist. We are all free to meet somewhere to celebrate together.

Challenge: Describe what you think this celebration should be. Will it be a lu’au on the beach? Will it be a popcorn and film fest on Jack and Marie’s living room floor? Use your imagination to give Jack the best birthday party ever!

Answer these questions to help you plan it:

*  Will it be formal or informal?

*  Where will it be held?

*  Who will attend the party?

*  How should the guests dress?

*  What food will be served at the party?

*  What entertainment will be provided?

*  What will you give Jack as a gift?


Send your party plan to me at no later than noon (your time) on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, to ensure that we are able to enjoy your party on Jack’s 100th birthday. I will post it on a special page within RJL to retain long after the party ends.

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