the Falls of Clyde

Falls of Clyde

Robert Carter, artist

Used courtesy of Falls of Clyde International

The Falls of Clyde made several appearances on

Hawaii Five-0 and on M Station: Hawaii.

She was at her finest following restoration in the episode Small Potatoes in Season 10.


The Falls of Clyde is a four-masted tall ship, a barque, that was built by Russell & Co. of Glasgow, Scotland. She was launched on December 12, 1878, and served until about 1950, first as a member of the Falls line fleet and, after 1898, as a member of Captain William Matson's fleet in Honolulu, Territory of Hawai'i. She has carried everything from sugar and molasses to petroleum products and has visited every continent, except Antarctica. Read more about her history at http://www.friendsoffallsofclyde.org/history.html

To date, efforts to save the Falls of Clyde have been unsuccessful. Fund-raising issues combined with recurrent leaks in her hull paint a very dim view of the future of this once-grand lady of the seas.

Screen capture from Small Potatoes, Hawaii Five-0 (Season 11).

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