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Honu Pays Homage

James MacArthur

St Ann's Catholic Church - Nyack, NY.jpg
Rite of Burial.jpg

James Gordon MacArthur, better known to us as "Danno" on Hawaii Five-0, "Clay Boy Spencer" in Spencer's Mountain, the preacher in Hang 'Em High, and Hayley Mills' boyfriend in The Truth About Spring, passed away on October 28, 2010, following a lengthy illness. His boyish good looks and impish ways kept him young to the very end.

Burial Marker-2 - Nyack, NY - Lei by Jea

Honu made this lei and placed it on "Danno's" headstone in his memory.

James MacArthur was eulogized at St. Ann's Catholic Church and buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, both in Nyack, New York.

His gravesite overlooks the Hudson River with the old Tappan Zee Bridge in the background.

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