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Marie's Birthday Celebrations

Jack and Marie on their lanai-edited.jpg

Photographer unknown. Donated by Vrinda

Marie's 110th Birthday

Welcome to Maries Birthday Party.png
Maries 110th Birthday Party.png
Marie Ensemble-3.jpg
Marie Ensemble-2.jpg
Marie Ensemble-1.jpg

Marie's 111th Birthday

JeanG - Double_hibiscus_Marie_ 2016_Birt
Kaneloa - Bluebonnets and Indian Painbru
Honu - Flowers for Marie - 2016 Birthday

Honu sent these lovely flowers.

Jean G. sent this beautiful yellow blossom.

Kanela sent these Texas beauties.

Marie's 112th Birthday

2017 - Maries Birthday Party.png
Honu - Recipe.JPG
H50 1.0 FOREVER  - Recipe.png
StevesGirl - Recipe.png

Steve's Girl

H50 1.0 FOREVER  - Recipe-2.png


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