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Special Arts Funding Saved

A bill in the Hawaii State House of Representatives would have slashed funding to art education in the public schools. Fortunately, the bill was waylaid in the House. Don’t you just know that Jack would have been hot under the collar if he had known such a bill was even being considered!

The picture at the top of the article shows the Hawaii State Art Museum, now known by a different name, Capitol Modern. We saw it in “The Hostage” (Season 7) in which the building was known as the Albemarle Apartments. A troubled Korean War veteran, Jesse (Dane Clark) took a teenage babysitter, Ruth Martin (Linda Purl), hostage in an apartment.

One of my favorite exchanges in the series was said in that episode:

Jesse:  Hey! You in the Army?

McGarrett: No, Navy.

Jesse:  Oh, Navy. Hey, you guys had it soft. You know, you had . . . You sleep in sheets, and, uh, you had dry clothes and hot food, movies . . .

McGarrett:  Yeah. Yeah, I agree with you, Jesse. We really had it soft, until the ship went down, and then, you wish you were in a foxhole.

Jesse:  Yeah. Yeah, I guess nobody had it soft in the war . . ."

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