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Saturday Trivia Challenge for February 15, 2020

Where Were They?

Match the production to the location relevant to it. Answer ONLY 2.

I hope some of our new members will choose to join us in this challenge.

1. Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour a. Washington, DC

2. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof b. Los Angeles, California

3. The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell c. New York, New York

4. Bonanza : The Outcast d. Williamsburg, Virginia

5. Route 66 : Play It Glissando e. Crab Key, Jamaica

6. The Man from UNCLE : The Master’s Touch f. Mississippi Delta

7. The Tattooed Stranger g. Fort DeRussy

8. The Story of a Patriot h. Portugal

9. The Doomsday Flight i. Virginia City, Nevada

10. Dr. No j. Malibu, California

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