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Recognition Long Deserved

Finally, 75 years after the end of World War II, merchant mariners are receiving the recognition they deserve for their service in that war. More often than not, they served aboard unarmed ships. Many were torpedoed with few crew members surviving. Jack’s ship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean. His brother, Bill, served aboard two ships that were torpedoed along the Pacific Rim.

James Lindsey of Longview, Texas, is 98 years old, now, but he was able to make the trip to Washington to receive a congressional medal in his honor. He said, “When I was receiving that medal, I felt elated. We were finally recognized for something that we had put our lives at stake.”

Sadly, this recognition is coming too late for many who served. Still, we, at Remembering Jack Lord, are proud to tell them, “Thank you for your service. You are not forgotten.”

Read more about it: Saravia, Oscar. Longview World War II veteran receives congressional medal in Washington D.C. Longview (Texas) News-Journal. June 10, 2022.

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Jack loved our county and thank God there are more people today who feel the same.

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