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Our 15th Anniversary, Part 2


(Didier Descouens. Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons)

In "Over Fifty? Steal" (Season 3), Lewis Avery Filer (Hume Cronyn) perpetrated robberies against companies that were affiliated in some way with Mid-Pacific Industries (MPI). One of the businesses he robbed was a jewelry exchange, and one of the stones he stole was tanzanite, which then had been discovered only recently. A quick online search revealed the facts that tanzanite, which is related to quartz, is considered a crystal.

Well, guess what! The 15th anniversary stone is the crystal. So, I propose we make tanzanite our 15th anniversary stone. Whaddaya say?

On another note, Steve's Girl brought it to my attention that, in August of this year, Hawai'i will celebrate its 65th anniversary of statehood. She suggested that we have a combined celebration, honoring both the State of Hawai'i and Hawaii Five-0. Whaddaya say?

Let's start planning our celebration. All ideas will be graciously accepted.

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Apr 17

Yes, 65 years! Easy for me to remember this since I was born just before Hawaii became a state. I'm looking forward to the celebration. I'll let you know if I come up with any ideas. Love the stone!

Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Apr 18
Replying to

Sorry, forgot to log in. Therefore I "repeat" the "Like".LOL.

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