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Our 15th Anniversary

In August 2009, I started a website, Memories of Hawaii Five-0. In it, I focused both on the original show and on its star, Jack Lord. Visitors to the site became interested and began sharing information they had, and the site became quite special.


And, then, a friend said, "This isn't a Five-0 site; it's a Jack Lord site."​ I took another look at the site and realized he was absolutely right! And, so, in September 2010, I gave Jack his own site, Remembering Jack Lord.

Both sites grew in popularity, but so did the price of maintaining them. When the price reached the top limit of affordability, I combined the two sites in Remembering Jack Lord and gave the Memories of Hawaii Five-0 pages their own folder. 

This year, in August, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary. I haven't yet decided how we will celebrate, but it needs to be something very special. You see, when I maintained two sites, each drew about 35 visitors per day. Today, the combined site draws an average of 125 visitors per day. To top it all off, they come from all around the world. We have had visitors from 167 nations (85.64 percent of the 195 nations recognized by the United Nations). Can you believe it? 

So, if you have any good ideas for how to celebrate what began as what we call an effort to "dispel the myths," please let me know. This celebration needs to bring down the house.

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