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Long Island Railroad in Richmond Hill

The Long Island Railroad doesn't travel through Richmond Hill, anymore. That route was terminated about ten years ago (I believe). Now, it travels up from Woodside and to Douglaston or down from the Atlantic Avenue station to Far Rockaway.

The route through Richmond Hill traveled through the Long Island Railroad rail yard just about on level with 125th Street, where Jack grew up. The rail yard is but a shadow of its former self, but then, so is the old Richmond Hill train station, seen in these two screen captures in 1997:

Actually, the neighborhood around the train station looks bad! Case in point, a tax photo of the house where Jack's family lived was very attractive then. Google street view shows that, today, it isn't even recognizable. All this forces us to remember that nearly 100 years have passed since Jack walked these streets and caught the train on what was then a street-level track. In the years that followed, the track was raised, and later, the route was discontinued. Time marches on.

Source: trainluvr. LIRR at Forest Park and Richmond Hill 1997. YouTube. August 22, 2015.

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