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Jack’s Art Sales on Ebay by Steve’s Girl

I have been keeping track of the sales of Jack’s lithographs on Ebay since August 2012. For this report, I “peeked” into the “Sold Listings” section on Ebay as far back as early 2011.

From 2011 until 2013/2014, sales enjoyed what H50 1.0 Forever suitably called “a wild ride at the auction;” that is, there were many bids and soaring prices, often in the last three seconds. Since then, sales have simmered down, but buying options have opened to include “Buy it Now” and “Best Offer.” Since 2015, the lithographs most often have been offered for “Buy it Now,” only. As of mid-2022, there are more “No Sale” months or months in which only one or two works are sold.

Here are the wildest rides:

The following chart shows the lithographs that have seen the most sales and their price ranges:

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