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Jack Remains in Our Memories

Several publications printed articles about Jack in 2020. This, I think, is the best, the most accurate as far as what Jack told us about himself in his many interviews. Check it out:

Navarro, Linda. A look back in Colorado Springs: "Hawaii Five-O's" Jack Lord had Colorado Springs art connection. Colorado Springs Gazette. May 14, 2020. .

Another article is about the CGI image of Jack that the remake (2010-2020) aired in the episode "Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani?" (Season 7) in which Alex O'Loughlin's character speaks with the Jack lookalike in the chapel at Tripler. The scene was intended to be a tribute to Jack, although it offended many of Jack's fans (me included). Still, one very good line came out of it when the CGI Jack said, "The best legacy a man can leave behind is the people whose lives he has changed."

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