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Horoscope for Murder House

"Horoscope for Murder" (Season 11), Hawaii Five-0. Leonard Freeman Productions / CBS Television, 1978

I was trying to find another Hawaii Five-0 house when I stumbled upon a modern-day image of this house. It has been renovated since it appeared in "Horoscope for Murder," but is unmistakably the same house as evidenced by the design of the porch and porte cochere. The house in the upper picture was home to astrologer Agnes DuBois (Samantha Eggar). She and McGarrett spoke just off the porch, while she planted vegetables in her garden. Whether scenes of the interior rooms were actually filmed in the house or on sets is unknown.

Although the house is reminiscent of the Walker Estate on the Pali Highway, this house stands at 3849 Old Pali Road, directly across the street from the Clarence H. Cooke house (3860 Old Pali Road, seen below). The Cooke house, you may recall, was the home of August March (Ed Asner) in "Wooden Model of a Rat" (Season 8). The carport of that house appeared as the entrance to the King Kamehameha Club in numerous episodes of Magnum, PI.

Clarence H. Cooke house as it now appears (Joel Bradshaw, public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

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