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Give Me a 5-0

Did you know that a 50-millimeter (mm) lens, also called a “5-0”, is sometimes referred to by cinematographers and photographers as a “Jack Lord”.

The 50-mm lens is highly sought after by cinematographers, because its optical range gives a moderately wide angle and a moderate telephoto lens all in one. They are good for landscapes and street photography.

Here are some of the reasons why photographers like the 5-0:

* They blur the background in order to bring the subject of the picture forward.

* The 50-mm lens allows pictures to be taken when the lighting is low; thus, one can take pictures indoors without a flash.

* They are lighter and smaller than many lenses, thus they are easier to use and easier to travel with.

* They are inexpensive.

* They see a subject the way the eye does, so they are good for taking portraits.


* Jack Lord, Wikipedia .

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