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Jack . . .

Twenty-one years have passed since you went away,

Yet not a single day passes that we forget -- nay.

We watch your productions and write your fan fiction.

No, it's not an affliction, nor is it addiction.

Rather, it's deep appreciation for all that you taught,

The principles, the values, and all that we ought.

The dedication to work and devotion to Marie,

The discipline of self and more than we can see.

Thank you, Jack, for letting us share

One small part of you, of all you did care.

For raising the bar a little bit higher

For giving quality to all that through you did transpire.

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1 Comment

Feb 16, 2019

Beautiful tribute poem, H5O. Thank you for sharing it. I was fortunate to have a good family and home when I was growing up. Even so, when I was a teenager, Jack's McGarrett grabbed my attention and gave me a strong moral compass. And it was just a TV show. I wish I could thank him for that.

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