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College Hill, Manoa

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College Hill, located at 2234 Kamehameha Avenue, in Manoa, has been the home of the president of the University of Hawaii – Manoa since it was given to the university in the 1960s by the family that built it, the Athertons. The land originally was part of Punahou School land. When the school sold off part of the land, it was subdivided into what became known as College Hill Subdivision.

The house was designed by architect Walter E. Pinkham in a blend of late-Queen Anne, Prairie, and Craftsman styles. Lava rock, ohia wood floors, and a large lanai reflect Hawaiian features. The house was built by Frank Atherton, an officer of Castle & Cooke, who lived there until his passing in 1945, and his wife, who lived there until the early 1960s.

We saw College Hill in two episodes:

* “Journey out of Limbo” (Season 5) in which it was the home of Hummel (Keenan Wynn), who was visited by a Chinese diplomat

* “See How She Runs” (Season 9) in which it was the hippie commune to which Sunny Mandell (Jessica Harper) was taken for refuge from people who were out to kill her.

College Hill also appeared in several episodes of Magnum, PI as the home of Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin’s (Kathleen Lloyd) mother.

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