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This 1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville is virtually identical to Jack’s car.

Used courtesy of California Cars of Thousand Oaks

Gilbert “Zulu” Kauhi, who portrayed Kono Kalakaua in Seasons 1-4, sold Jack the white 1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille that he drove from the time he moved to Honolulu, in 1968, until his death, in 1998. The car was seen frequently cruising along the Lunalilo Freeway with Jack in his lauhala hat and Marie at his side. It was readily identifiable by its Five-0 license plates.

Jack’s car tag read “Five-0.”

(Photographer unknown)

Jack had his car serviced at the Shell Oil service station on Waialae Avenue, across the Lunalilo Freeway from Kahala Mall.

Google Maps

The station was seen in an episode of Hawaii Five-0, when Danno stopped to use a pay phone while pursuing a suspect (no cell phones in those days). It closed just a few years ago, was torn down shortly thereafter, and has been replaced by another building (Kahala-Waialae Neighborhood | Drive Around Kahala-Waialae Neighborhood 🌴 Oahu, Hawaii 4K Driving - YouTube @ 1:00:11 on the counter).

Following Jack’s death, Marie sold the car to an avid fan of Jack and the show. Even though the car had been parked for two years without being driven, it required very little service before it could be shipped to California. There, it was restored to like-new condition. Whether the fan still owns it is unknown. What is known is that, while the car was being restored, a wedding ring was discovered under the front seat. The fan called Marie to tell her about it and learned that she had lost her ring ten years earlier. Yes, the fan returned Marie’s wedding ring to her.

P.S. If anyone can remind me of the name of the episode in which the Shell station was seen, please let me know. Mahalo!

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