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Shelter Island South Ferry -- The Hamptons, New York

Updated: May 24, 2021

Plaquemine Ferry in Louisiana (Webmaster). See note at the end of article.

Let’s do something a little different this week. Let’s ride the ferries – virtually, at least, although, if you’re in the area, you might want to make a daytrip to Long Island and ride the ferries in real life.

The Shelter Island Ferry has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 200 years! Not only that, but the people who participate in the YouTube chat like to keep up with the goings on: how many Jeeps board or disembark from a single load (they are very popular there, especially the Wranglers) and whether the gold 1970 Chrysler is parked in the lot (it belongs to a member of the ferry crew). Of course, sea gulls can be seen diving for fish when they aren’t perched atop light poles, and pleasure craft speed past between ferry crossings.

In addition to that, the maritime observations are interesting; for example, the boats from opposite shores seem to remain a certain distance apart. Is there a law to that effect, such as the FAA requires airplanes to remain at least a thousand feet apart? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Then, when the wind and waves are high with white caps, the boats have trouble making smooth landings as they enter the slips. There are no tugs to guide these boats to safe harbor.

All in all, these ferry boats are fun and interesting to watch. Check them out:

Watch the ferries load, cross, and unload.

Information about the ferries:

NOTES: I was unable to find a picture of the Shelter Island Ferry -- or even a representative piece of clipart -- that I felt I could use. The picture I have posted above shows the Plaquemine Ferry in Louisiana as it makes port on a flood-swollen Mississippi River.

The Shelter Island Ferry loads end-to-end with the island being on the side of the boat. The Plaquemine Ferry has a center island with parking around it and with loading on one side and unloading on the other side.

Whereas, the Shelter Island Ferry receives competition from pleasure craft, the Plaquemine Ferry receives competition from ocean-going vessels, tugs, and barges. Without brakes to bring a ship to a quick stop, it is essential to give the through traffic the right-of-way.

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