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Scenes of Hawaii

Territorial Office Building

In Season 9, Hawaii Five-0 moved its offices from 'Iolani Palace and across South King Street to the Territorial Office Building. As we saw in the first season episode, "Nine Dragons," the Palace, which was being restored, was faced with scaffolding. That, as well as interior work, made scenes of the Palace impossible to stage. Something just did not feel right as Steve and Danno loaded the trunk of McGarrett's car with the last items they were moving.

An interesting side note: On the day that McGarrett moved into his office in the Territorial Office Building, sound reverberated, for all the surfaces were hard. In the next episode, drapes had been hung in the windows, and carpeting had been laid on the floor. The sound quality was much improved, even though heavy traffic was passing by on both South King Street and Punchbowl Street.

Happily, the scaffolding fronting the Palace did not remain up for long. As soon as sandblasting of exterior surfaces was complete, Five-0 returned to its offices in the southeast corner of the second floor.

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