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Scenes of Hawaii

The Old Pali Road

We first see the Old Pali Road branch off Nuuanu Pali Drive in the Nu'Uanu Valley. It runs only a short distance, past August March's house, seen in "Wooden Model of a Rat" (Season 8) -- also known as the King Kamehameha Club on Magnum PI -- before it ends. Nuuanu Pali Drive, however, continues on until it ends at the Pali Highway (Highway 61). We don't see the Old Pali Road again until we reach the Pali Lookout at the Nuuanu Pali State Park.

Seen from the Pali Lookout

The Old Pali Road branches off from the Pali Lookout and winds and twists its way through the forest, the old roadside barriers still in place, until it reaches the Pali Highway. Upon reaching the Pali Highway, one makes his / her way beneath the highway. On the other side, the Old Pali Road continues to make its way eastwardly until it meets up with the Pali Highway again near Castle Junction, where the Pali Highway crosses the Kamehameha Highway (Highway 83). From there, the Old Pali Road goes off to the right on what is now called Auloa Road and makes its way toward Kailua.

Watch two bikers travel the route:

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