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Sad Days for Miss Clyde

As per RJL member Gloria Donnay, the president of the Friends of Falls of Clyde (in Hawaii) has confirmed an earlier report made by the president of the Falls of Clyde International (in Scotland).

In essence, the (Hawaii) State Harbors Division has rescinded its approval of an earlier plan submitted by Falls of Clyde International for moving the Falls of Clyde to Scotland for restoration and use as a teaching ship. The Hawaii Friends are challenging that decision, which its president says “seems to be based on a technical requirement for a performance bond which is unattainable.” He did not elaborate.

And, so, the once lovely Miss Clyde remains in Honolulu Harbor, where she continues to decay. You may recall that she was restored in the 1970s and made appearances featuring her beauty in the Hawaii Five-0 episode “Small Potatoes” (Season 11) and in M Station: Hawaii. Such a shame it now comes down to this!

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