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On the Effects of War

John Larch, who portrayed Joseph Trinian in "Yesterday Died, and Tomorrow Won't Be Born" (Season 1), had this to say about the effects of the four years he served in the Army during World War II:

I was a thoroughly mixed-up young guy . . . What was my hangup then? Just about everything. I was looking for the four years I had lost in service. I was also looking for a rhyme or reason to the mass murders that took place. I was looking for the ideals I had once had. I was disgusted with the world — a world in which civilians acted as though there hadn't been a worldwide holocaust.

Read the article linked below. It tells a lot about what our returning servicemen go through. It tells why so many veterans end up sleeping on park benches, turning to alcohol and drugs, and even taking their own lives. It even lets us begin to understand why they become pacifists, preferring to find a way, any way, to resolve conflicts before they reach the battlefield. Let us pray for our servicemen.

Source: "John Larch Finds Success At End of the 'Road Back'". The Berkshire Eagle. Pittsfield, Massachusetts: September 18, 1965, p. 28.

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