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This Just in from Mike Quigley

Mike wrote to remind us that 55 years ago, yesterday, "Cocoon," the pilot episode of Hawaii Five-0, aired. Six days later, on September 26, 1968, the series began with "Full Fathom Five." How could we forget Victor Reese (Kevin McCarthy) reciting an amended version of William Shakespeare's poem, "Full Fathom Five -- the Father Lies" from The Tempest. Here is my best recollection of the Five-0 version:

Full fathom five, the widow lies;

of her bones are coral made;

those are pearls that were her eyes;

nothing of her that doth fade,

but doth suffer a sea-change

into something rich and strange.

Sea-nymphs hourly ring her knell.

Hark! Now I hear them -- ding-dong bell.

Mike also sent a link to a blog about McGarrett's blue suit. You know, the medium blue one that he wore in the early seasons. The author clearly is a men's fashion specialist, for he goes on to tell how "To Get the Look". It's an interesting read with screen captures from "Cocoon" (pilot) to illustrate his points.

Read about it: BAMF Style, “Hawaii Five-0, Episode 1: Jack Lord’s Slate Suit.” September 23, 2023.

Many thanks, Mike. What would we do without you?

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