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RJL is Closing

Sad to say, but the cost of maintaining this website is knocking at $500 a year. That represents an increase of more than $65 over last year to say nothing of the increases that have been levied every year for several years. For a hobby that generates no revenue, that is more than I can afford.

Accordingly, I have no choice but to cancel the website when it comes up for renewal next month. I believe it will stay up until July 19th, but I'm not sure.

I have enjoyed creating and maintaining RJL since its beginnings as Memories of Hawaii Five-0 in 2009. Memories of Hawaii Five-0 and Remembering Jack Lord have received many blessings. A historian at the Richmond Hill Historical Society went out in the middle of Hurricane Sandy to take pictures of the house where Jack grew up. Several members -- most notably Mike Quigley, Steve's Girl, Vrinda, and Park Lane -- contributed greatly to the research that went into the websites. During a financial crisis about ten years ago, I sold six of Jack's lithographs to raise the funds I needed to keep the websites going. Two bidders went after "The Sisters" with a vengeance, allowing it to sell for more than $1200! Can you believe it! Truly, the old saw is true: "It takes a village to rear a child."

Again, many thanks for your interest and support.

Mahalo and aloha!

Virginia Tolles, Webmaster

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