See Where Hawaii Five-0 was Filmed


Chinaman's Hat as seen from the Kualoa Ranch on Highway 83. (Webmaster)

Someone asked if there was an official tour of Five-0 filming sites. Here is my reply. Maybe it will help you plan your trip to O'ahu.


If there is an official tour of Five-0 sites, I do not know about it, but take a look at these sites:  

*  Hop on, hop off Honolulu Trolley Tours - Waikiki Trolley

*  TheBus - Routes & Timetables (TheBus goes all over O'ahu, but a ride up the Pali Highway (Highway 61) would be especially interesting.

*  Oahu Travel Advice & Recommendations | Viator. Tours of Pearl Harbor (and usually Punchbowl), the Circle Island Tour, etc. See if they have a tour of the Pali Lookout. A tour guide surely would point out the mansions along the Pali, where Five-0 characters lived, especially if you asked.)


Your best bet is to research the locations of the sites you want to see, then rent a car and drive past them, yourself. Remember, the houses are still private residences. Hammel's home in "Journey Out of Limbo" (Season 6), for example, is now the University of Hawaii president's home.


There was talk a few years ago that one of the mansions on the Pali was going to be torn down to make room for condos (heaven forbid!). It is on the state historical register, so it should be protected, but money talks, and money wants those condos. I don't know if the mansion is still there or not.


Another mansion on the Pali is where Nelson Blake lived in "The Ransom" (Season 3), the Barlows lived in "Invitation to Murder" (Season 10), and a couple of others.


August March's house on Old Pali Road is still standing, although the house is set back from the street and may not be very visible behind shrubbery. This house also served as the site of the King Kamehameha Club in many episodes of "Magnum, PI."


Drive eastwardly along the H-1, which becomes the Kalaniana'ole Highway at Kahala. Turn off on Kilauea Avenue, in Kahala, and make your way to Kahala Avenue. Turn left and take it to the end, and you'll see the Kahala Beach Apartments, where Jack and Marie lived. On the beach, where the parking lot is before you reach the apartments, you'll see the pavilion that served as the King Kamehameha Club beach bar in several episodes of "Magnum, PI."

You'll turn around at the Kahala Hotel (formerly the Kahala Hilton), where several episodes were filmed, perhaps most notably "FOB Honolulu" (Season 3). 


Back on the Kalaniana'ole Highway, you'll pass familiar shopping centers. Jack was invested in one near Hawaii Kai.


Just before the road becomes two-lane and rises over Hanauma, you'll see Portlock, the neighborhood where Leonard Tokura lived in "Samurai" (Season 1). Two other houses seen on the show are tucked back in there, on the water side. 


Continuing eastwardly on the Kalaniana'ole, you'll reach Hanauma Bay. Danno saved Sally Gregg's life there in "Beautiful Screamer" (Season 2). Other Hanauma scenes were filmed atop the ridge road. I'm not sure how to access it, but I'm sure someone in Honolulu can tell you.


As you continue eastwardly along the Kalaniana'ole, you'll drive through areas where you know you've seen Magnum drive his red Ferrari.


The Halona Blowhole is a good place to go. Several episodes were filmed in that area. Eadie jumped to her death from the cliff in "Uptight" (Season 1). The skeletons were found in the small cove in "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave" (Season 4). We saw the same cove in "Three Dead Cows at Makapu'u" (Season 2). Casey Fogerty met Father Costigan there in "Up the Rebels" (Season 10).


Next comes Sea Life Park, where a couple of episodes were filmed. 


Then, you'll reach Waimanalo, where once, the Anderson Estate stood. Twelve episodes of Five-0 were filmed there before it became Robin's Nest on "Magnum, PI." It was torn down a couple of years ago. Word was it was in terrible condition. After all, it was a 100 years old and sitting on the beach, where it received sun, sand, wind, and storms. So sad. It was a beautiful example of Spanish Hacienda architecture.


Continuing up the road, you'll reach Lanikai, where the ironwood trees were that McGarrett and Gainham drove through in the second kidnapping story. I forget its name.


Reaching Kailua, you'll pick up the terminus of the Pali Highway. Turn to the left and take it a short distance to Highway 83. Turn right and pass along side Kaneohe. You'll reach the Valley of the Temples. Turn in and take the lane all the way to the back to see the Byodo-In Temple.


There is another road that runs through Kaneohe and on up the coastline. If you go there, you'll see the boat harbor where Kono was rescued in "The Ransom" (Season 2). At this point, Highway 83 joins the coastal road.


Continuing on up, you'll see the Kualoa Beach Park and Chinaman's Hat. In fact, you can see Chinaman's Hat from the boat harbor. Going on up, you'll reach Kahuku, where the shrimp trucks gather. It was there that the bank robbery took place in "The Flip Side is Death" (Season 6).


Continuing on, you'll reach the North Shore, starting with Turtle Bay. The Turtle Bay Resort was called the Ilima Hotel in "The Flip Side is Death." That was its real name at the time. I believe "Thanks for the Honeymoon" with Patty Duke was filmed there, too.


After passing the surfing spots, you'll come into Hale'iwa, home of the shave ice stands and gift shops. It's a tourist attraction, but it's fun. A famous restaurant, Jameson's by the Sea (My husband and I claimed the governor owned it. LOL) is gone, now, but Hale'iwa Joe's by the boat harbor is good!


From Hale'iwa, you can either go on westwardly to Dillingham Airfield and Kaena Point or turn back to the south and make your way through the sugarcane / coffee / pineapple fields. Be sure to stop in at the Dole Pineapple Plantation to tour the gardens and ride the Pineapple Express park train.


Continuing to the south, you'll pick up the H-2, which will rejoin the H-1 at the Aloha Stadium.


Be sure to drive both the H-3 and the Likelike Highway (Highway 63) from the H-1 to Kaneohe. The scenery is gorgeous! 


A drive up the western coastal highway (the Farrington Highway) is nice, going through Waianae and Makaha en route to Kaena Point. One thing to note here:  Driving on gravel roads, which Highway 99 and the Farrington Highway become as they near Kaena Point, is frowned upon by the car rental companies (could be illegal, for all I know). It might be better to get out and walk for a bit where the pavement ends. You will remember that Kaena Point played a part in "Odd Man In" (Season 4). Note: You can take a dolphin watch from Waianae that is very enjoyable. The dolphins seem to enjoy the tourists as much as the tourists enjoy them.


Oh, good heavens! This is becoming a dissertation! LOL.  All I can say is plan plenty of time if you really want to see all that O'ahu and Five-0 have to offer. It's astounding.


Oh! And be sure to tour 'Iolani Palace on a Friday. Start with an early morning tour of Washington Place, which was the governor’s mansion until a few years ago and now serves as a museum of 19th century and early 20th century Hawaiian history. Then, tour the palace. Then, stay for the Hawaiian Band concert at noon. They set up under the monkeypod trees and put on a lovely performance.


Be sure to ride the glass elevator to the top of the Ilikai Hotel (1777 Ala Moana Boulevard). We stayed there and loved it! 


If you're young and fit, take the hike to the top of Diamond Head. My husband took it. I stayed at the hotel and downloaded all the pictures we had taken. LOL


After you tour Nu'uanu Pali and the Kalaniana'ole near Kailua and Lanikai, buy a copy of Hawaii's former-Senator Bob Hogue's book, Sands of Lanikai. It gives a very realistic history of the area at the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Best book I've ever read. Seriously!


Hope this helps. It sure helped me, getting to relive the time I've spent there. Aloha! 

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