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We Miss You, Jack.

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Photographer unknown

Jack’s adult life started off most unhappily.

His first wife could not accept that, with a war ongoing,

he could not be there, with her and their son.

His ship was torpedoed, taking the lives of fellow mariners –

and very nearly his own life, as well.

His wife divorced him, even though he attended

Officer Candidate School and earned a commission

in order to be assigned to duty ashore.

And, then, everything changed –

Jack met Marie!

From the moment he appeared in her doorway,

resembling a loaf of Wonder Bread, as she told it,

they came together as one.

And, so, on January 17, 1949,

Jack and Marie were pronounced Husband and Wife,

and they lived happily ever after –

for 49 years and 4 days.

I think we all would like to think they are still happily together –

I know I do.

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1 comentário

Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
21 de jan. de 2023

Lovely photo, H50!

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