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Two of Jack's Best-Known Roles Celebrate their 60th Anniversary

Both Stoney Burke and Dr. No were released in 1962. Stoney Burke made its debut in September on ABC television. Dr. No made its debut in the United Kingdom in October of the same year. Both productions are unmistakably preparations for Jack's later portrayal of Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0.

In Stoney Burke, he portrayed the good guy who played by the rules, no matter what happened in the world around him.

Jack as Stoney Burke (Daystar Productions)

As badly as he wanted to win the golden buckle, denoting him the best saddle bronc rider in the world, he had to do it by his own hard work or not at all. The answer proved to be not at all, for a bronco reared up in the chute, pinning Stoney to the wall and injuring his spine so that he could not participate in the final competition. Nonetheless, in the final episode, Stoney released horses bound for slaughter, lest they be starved before they were put to death. We will never know whether those horses survived in the desert, but at least, Stoney gave them a greater chance than they had in the knacker's corral.

In Dr. No, Jack portrayed an intelligence officer who was more mature than the MI-6 agent who had the lead in both the search for Dr. No (Joseph Weissman) and the movie. Although Dr. No was produced from Ian Fleming's sixth James Bond book, Felix Leiter did not appear in that book. The movie's producers added him for reasons of their own. Those reasons might have included the fact that, although Jamaica is a British territory, the satellites that Dr. No was toppling belonged to the United States. More than a few people have said that Jack gave the best portrayal of CIA Agent Felix Leiter of an of the eight actors who have played the role. He was just too good to play second banana.

Jack as Felix Leiter on surveillance at the Kingston, Jamaica, airport (Eon Productions)

Although Dr. No did not reach the US until May of 1963, it was first released in the UK in October 1962. Filmed on the island of Jamaica and at Pinewood Studios in the UK, the show was produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli. It was released by Eon Productions and has been distributed by numerous companies, from United Artists to CBS/Fox.

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