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This Just in from Mike Quigley

Mike treats us to an episode-by-episode review of Hawaii Five-0 as written by a Frenchman, in French! Mike used an online translator to present it to us in English. Even so, the title and link in the banner remain in French:

Le Monde des Avengers

(The World of Avengers)

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(Click here to join the community of World of Avengers on Facebook!)

The reviews are excellently researched and written with such lead-in explanations as what was going on in the world when youth began attacking the general population (“The Young Assassins,” Season 7). He explains about the early 1970s being a time of youth unrest, citing the massacre at the Munich Olympics and other such incidents, including the Vietnam War, which was ending (1973-1975).

In short, the writer gives his impressions regarding each episode of several television “cop” shows, including Hawaii Five-0. Of the Frenchman’s impressions, Mike said, “The reviewer has very different opinions to me. First of all, he really likes more of the 12th season. . . And he REALLY hates the 7th season.”  Personally, I liked both Seasons 7 and 12. So, there you have it!

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1 Comment

Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Mar 20

Thank you very much, H50 (and Mr. Mike, of course) for sharing "Les Monde des Avengers".

The events that took place in Europe the author is refering to in "The Young Assassins" are still very vivid in my mind.

And the other seasons are good for practising "Understanding French".

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