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Updated: May 17, 2019

Marie was 90 years old when she donned her favorite warm shade of pink and appeared on Emme Tomimbang's "Island Moments: Memories of Hawaii Five-0" (KGMB-TV, 1996)

Fashion Design - - Seniors Stay Young Through Fashion

Marie never stopped putting her best foot forward, nor should we. We might not have the unlimited resources that the ladies in this article enjoy, but we can still style our hair, put on our lipstick, and wear warm and cheerful colors.

In the picture, above, Marie wears her favorite shade of pink over flattering black turtleneck and slacks. She wears earrings and a brooch on her jacket. The colors not only work together; they also work with her gray hair and dark eyes. Notice that her rouge is the same shade of pink as her jacket and hat, while her lipstick is a darker shade of the same color.

Read about how seniors today are putting their best foot forward:

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