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"The Great Tea Race of 1866"

"The Great Tea Race of 1866" by Montague Dawson'

Do you remember the picture of the sailing ships on the high seas that hung in McGarrett's officee? Well, it went on from there to appear in an episode of Magnum, PI.

Belisarius Productions, Glen A. Larson Productions, Universal Television, CBS, 1980-1988

The history of McGarrett's picture (it's a print, not a painting) goes on from there! Today, it belongs to Honolulu columnist and the author of Aloha Lady Blue : The Mystery of Kahala Road, Charley Memminger.

I had the privilege of speaking with Charley a few years ago. It seems that "The Great Tea Race of 1866" remained in storage at the Hawaii Film Studio until a few years ago, when he discovered it and brought it out. Creatures living in the studio had marred it badly with their droppings, but Charley cleaned it as well as he could. He sent me a picture of how it appears today, gracing a wall in his home. It still wears the frame that it wore in McGarrett's office.

"The Great Tea Race of 1866" now belongs to Charley Memminger.

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