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The Day Has Arrived!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Do know you are remembered far and wide and missed by many. In the past three weeks, two people have asked how they can obtain your paintings. I told them that most are in private collections. Your art truly is cherished. Here, on your blog page, we spent two months re-watching H50 episodes and commenting on interesting observations. I hope we can resume that weekly challenge after the holidays. I also wish more people had access to the "Stoney Burke" DVDs. Several of us have said we think your best acting is seen there. Certainly, you made Stoney a character to be admired and respected, just as you made McGarrett a character to be admired and respected -- all because you put so much of yourself into each of them.

Hau'oli la hanau!

P.S. Tell Marie hello for us and give her our love.

Stories / Unsplash

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