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See Jack's Performances on YouTube

An earlier post gives Jack's performances, but I believe a few in this list may be new to us:

“Color Him Lucky.” Stoney Burke (Season 1, 1962). Jack Lord, Judson Pratt, Casey Tibbs.

“The Crime.” Chrysler Theatre (Season 3, 1965). Jack Lord, Dana Wynter, Pat O’Brien, Sheree North.

“The Doomsday Flight” (1966). Jack Lord, Edmond O’Brien, Van Johnson, John Saxon.

“Vikor.” The Invaders (Season 1, 1967). Jack Lord, Alfred Ryder, Roy Thinnes. This is only an excerpt showing the opening and guest star credits and Jack’s entrance scene.

“The Master’s Touch.” The Man from UNCLE (Season 4, 1967). Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Jack Lord, Nehemiah Persoff, Leslie Parrish.

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