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Scenes of Hawaii

Falls of Clyde

as seen from Ala Moana Boulevard

Falls of Clyde

as seen from atop the Aloha Tower

Quite sadly, the fate of Falls of Clyde is still unknown. Falls of Clyde International still wants to take her home to Scotland, where she was built, for restoration and use as a museum ship and to train today's people in the virtues of wind power as a means of reducing fossil fuel emissions at sea. For reasons unknown, the State of Hawaii continues to hold onto the ship, yet does nothing to save her from the ravages of sea water, bright sunshine, and the passage of time.

The following screen captures from "Small Potatoes" (in Season 11, Hawaii Five-0, Leonard Freeman Productions / CBS Television, 1978) show Falls of Clyde following her 1970s restoration. Beautiful, wasn't she.

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