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Save the Falls of Clyde

Falls of Clyde International will move the 4-masted tall ship to Scotland, where she was built, but COVID has kept her in Hawaii. Now, the state wants her removed from Pier 7 and scuttled. FofC Int'l needs our help to persuade Hawaii to let them work out the details. Once restored, she will work for emission-free cargo, ocean plastic recycling, and green technology.

The Falls of Clyde dates to 1878. She has ferried dry goods and fuel oil during her lifetime. Her most recent owner was Matson Shipping, which is how she came to reside in Hawaii. She was restored in the 1970s and looked wonderful when she appeared in "Shake Hands with the Man on the Moon" (Season 10), "Small Potatoes" (Season 11), and in "M Station: Hawaii" (1980).

Over the past 40 years, she has deteriorated badly. The Friends of the Falls of Clyde, based in Hawaii, tried without success to raise the funds needed to restore her. About five years ago, Falls of Clyde International stepped in. Based in Scotland, where Falls of Clyde was built, they have been able to garner much more support. She was all ready to be shipped by float-on / float-off vessel last year, when COVID locked the borders. Now, the United Kingdom has expressed interest of declaring her a historical landmark just as soon as she is returned to Scotland. That, of course, would preserve her in perpetuity. We cannot allow the State of Hawaii to scuttle her when she is so close to preservation. Please do what you can to save this beautiful tall ship. Visit Falls of Clyde International's website (See link, above) for more pictures and information.

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