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Salute the Typesetter

Do you remember watching "For a Million, Why Not?" (Season 4) and seeing bad boy Hawkins (Sam Melville) shoot the typesetter (Glen Cannon), causing hundreds of characters of type to spill across the floor? The timeless method of typesetting has been a dying art since the advent of digital publishing, but it's not dead. Some people, using both the old methods and new methods, are keeping letterpress going.

Read about one team in San Francisco that is:

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Sep 02, 2019

What a fascinating article! I had no idea that there was a company that still sets type the old fashioned way. There's just something that is comforting about that.

It just so happens that the last episode of Hawaii Five-O I watched was "For a Million, Why Not?"

Perhaps it was far fetched that the lab boys were able to determine which letters had fresh ink, but I really liked that part of the story. With 8! possible combinations, it was lucky that Danny figured out "tiki gods" even with the help of the computer. I'm also glad that Glenn Cannon came back as John Manicote!

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