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Restoring a '64 Caddy

An antique dealer hit the jackpot when a music teacher called him about her '64 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. It had been parked in her garage since 1995 and still bore the '95 license plates. Would he be interested in buying it?

He was, and he did. Now, the Cadillac has a new home and is being restored. Much to its new owner's delight, it is in amazingly good condition. Just needs a good cleaning, a bit of work under the hood, and the removal of "a squirrel family's inheritance of a lifetime of pine cones."

Note: This car is five years older than Jack's. Happily, Jack's car didn't sit in storage for a quarter-century.

Here's the 30-day follow-up, and the news is good -- except he still needs to find whitewall tires -- the correct whitewall tires for the period. Notice that the car lacks air conditioning. Explanation: It is in Canada, where air conditioning isn't the big issue that it is farther south.

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