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Remembering Marie's Hats

Tasha Leelyn / YouTube

I was watching a video on YouTube when what should I see but this very Marie-like hat. I couldn't help but save a screen capture to share with you. She wore one very much like this in her interview with Emme Tommingbang on "Emme's Island Moments / Memories of Hawaii Five-0."

"Emme's Island Moments / Memories of Hawaii Five-0," EMME, Inc. / KGMB, 1996.

We also remember her broad-brimmed yellow hat, which made an appearance in the Five-0 episode "Honor is an Unmarked Grave" (Season 8). We see Marie wearing it in this picture:

Photographer unknown; purchased on Ebay

Interestingly, Marie was seen wearing this hat at numerous functions long after "Hawaii Five-0" ended production. She was also seen in similar hats in various colors, including white, olive green, black, and red.

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