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Remembering James MacArthur

By Honu59


RJL Shining Star Member Honu59 sent the following in remembrance of James "Danno" MacArthur:

James Gordon MacArthur passed away on October 28, 2010. Wow, has it been 12 years? That doesn’t seem possible.

In 1968, he became Danny Williams on Hawaii Five-O. At some point over the course of his eleven years on that series, he became Dan Williams. To Chinough Olena, he was “Daniel.” To Steve McGarrett, he was always and affectionately “Danno.”

I had the privilege of seeing James MacArthur perform on stage at the Fort Bragg Playhouse back in the early 1980s, in a comedy called Murder at the Howard Johnson’s. I don’t remember much about the play, except for one line Jim had that just cracked me up!

On Memorial Day weekend in 2013, I visited Jim’s grave in Nyack, New York, and left a homemade lei (my first attempt) on his gravestone. It was a beautiful and peaceful day. Aloha, Jim!

Many thanks, Honu! We'll always miss Jim. He gave so much of himself in everything he did.

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Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Oct 28, 2022

What a lovely lei and photo, Honu! Thank you for posting it, H50.

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