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Plans are Moving Forward

Plans are underway for transporting Falls of Clyde from Honolulu to Glasgow, Scotland. She will make stops in San Diego, California; the Panama Canal; Galveston, Texas; Miami, Florida; and at unnamed ports in New York and Nova Scotia before she crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Glasgow.

At each port of call, Falls of Clyde will receive warm welcomes from sister ships and floating regatta. In San Diego, for example, she will be welcomed by Star of India and other ships that are homeported there, while in Galveston, she will be welcomed by Elissa.

David O'Neill, of Falls of Clyde International in Scotland, reports that a calendar of events will be published just as soon as plans with the float-on/float-off companies have been finalized. He will let us know when we can travel to our own nearest port of call, in order to help welcome Falls of Clyde. As for me, I intend to travel down to Galveston! Ooh rah!

This reminds me of the reception the outrigger canoe, Hokulea, received on her around-the-world tour a few years ago.

Read more about it: “Campaign to Save and Renovate a Once Great Ship” in The Report: The Magazine of the International Institute of Marine Surveying. December 2021, pp. 108-111.

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