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Piers 7, 8, and 9 at Honolulu Harbor

I took this picture on March 31, 2008, as we rode a catamaran out into the Pacific in hopes of seeing whales. Here, the boat is backing from Pier 7. This is where McGarrett was taken aboard Morgan Hilliard's (Barry Sullivan) boat in "While You're at It, Bring in the Moon" (Season 4).

The building to the immediate right is the southern end of the maritime museum. The tall masts seen on the other side of the museum are on the Falls of Clyde, the 19th century tall ship that currently is fighting to retake its place in Scotland, where it was built and where it will be restored and used to teach the maritime industry how to sail without using fossil fuels -- if it is allowed to make the trip home.

Across the aqua water (and it really is that color!), we see the Aloha Marketplace with its striking green roof. It is new since Hawaii Five-0 filmed in the area. Back then, it was all warehouses with the Aloha Tower poking its head up through the center of it all. Now, she stands tall and proud in her own right.

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Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green
Jul 03, 2021

These are beautiful pictures of Hawaii ! Thank you for sharing these pictures with me !

The history of these pictures are great as well !

Sincerely ,

Dorothy L. Green


Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Jul 02, 2021

The color of the water is really beautiful, like all colors in Hawai'i are. When someone asked me, many years ago, what I loved most about Hawai'i, I answered spontanously : "The colors."

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