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Path to the Beach

In "Cocoon" (Pilot), Intelligence called and told Five-0 that intelligence agent Hennessey's body had been recovered from the waters of Hanauma Bay.

McGarrett sped out to Hanauma in the two-door Mercury Marquis and down this lane bordered by a lava rock wall. He came to a halt on the roundabout seen at the bottom and ran down to the water's edge, where an HPD officer and a beach goer explained how they had found Hennessey's body.

The scene still looks the same -- except for the presence of a white pickup truck, instead of a black Mercury, that is. Here, we see the beach at Hanauma Bay as it appeared in April 2008. Photographs posted over the past few weeks show how it appears today.

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Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green
06 באוג׳ 2021

This is so breath taking ! Thank you for sharing this picture with me !

Sincerely ,

Dorothy L . Green

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