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Old Home Week

It was old home week on Magnum, PI. I watched “The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club” (Season 1, Episode 11) on Amazon Prime Video. As if it wasn’t enough that the beach scenes of the club were filmed on Kahala Beach, just up from Jack’s condo, the cast read like one of many Hawaii Five-0 episodes:

Lew Ayres, who appeared in “Cocoon” as the governor; as nuclear physicist Dr. Elias Haig in “Anybody Can Build a Bomb;” and as a retired intelligence officer, Commander Reginald Blackwell, in “Legacy of Terror.”

Manu Tupou, who appeared as Hawaiian mobster Tasi Tanuvasa in “A Matter of Mutual Concern,” as the bomb-making mastermind Abraham Meleha in “The Clock Struck Twelve,” as the Japanese policeman Nahashi in “Ready, Aim . . .,” as Kumu kingpin Cappy Pahoa in “A Death in the Family,” and as the Singaporean policeman Eddie Chu in “The Year of the Horse.”

Remi Abellira, who grew up on Hawaii Five-0 and appeared as Poto in “Blind Tiger,” as Tommy Mala in “Run, Johnny, Run,” as the boy who directed Mike Martin (Harry Guardino) to the drug dealer in “Trouble in Mind,” as Tiko in “Why Wait ‘Til Uncle Kevin Dies?”, as the kid in the penny arcade who objected to Cord McKenzie (Anthony Zerbe) taking over his arcade game in “Mother’s Deadly Helper,” as the first kid to come in contact with the gun in “Diary of a Gun,” as Jimmy Luka in “A Sentence to Steal,” and as Bobby Kalani in “Yes, My Deadly Daughter.”

Herman Wedemeyer, who appeared as Lt. Balta in “Full Fathom Five” and “By the Numbers,” as the police dispatcher in “Forty Feet High and It Kills,” as Lt. Grayson in “Bored, She Hung Herself,” as the judge in “Highest Castle, Deepest Grave,” as Duke Kahana in “. . . And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots,” as Officer Ishi in “The Ninety-Second War” (Part I), as Sgt. Duke Lukela in Seasons 4 through 11, and as Det. Duke Lukela in Season 12.

Elizabeth Smith, who appeared as Mrs. Dowd in “Jury of One,” as Rosalei in “Small Witness, Large Crime,” as the landlady in “The Capsule Kidnapping,” as Mrs. Kapehala in “Man on Fire,” as Mama Topo in “The Friends of Joey Kalima,” as the landlady in “The Kahuna,” and as Auntie Ida in “For Old Times Sake.”

Jo Pruden, who appeared as Angie Carroll in “Death is a Company Policy,” as Mrs. Halsey in “The Odd Lot Caper,” as Mrs. Klepper in “The Sunday Torch,” as Marcia Miller in “The Young Assassins,” as the wife of a tourist in “Diary of a Gun,” as Mrs. Langer in “McGarrett is Missing,” as the police dispatcher in “Target – A Cop,” as Emily Longworth in “The Cop on the Cover,” as Karen Bauer in “The Silk Trap,” and as a tourist in “A Shallow Grave.”

Frankly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Jack’s name had appeared in the ending credits. Magnum, PI’s creator and executive producer, Donald Bellisario, would have loved it! He tried his best to get Jack to appear on the show – but Jack had said “no more” series television and had meant it.

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