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Not Much News

There hasn't been much RJL news lately. It comes in waves. At times, it seems to fall in my lap. At other times, it seems to escape my every attempt to find it.

RJL member eksumari did tell us about an interview with Jack that we can listen to on YouTube: Bob Barry’s Unearthed Podcasts – Jack Lord. It is good to hear Jack speaking as himself and not as McGarrett or another character he portrayed. The sound quality is lacking, but the interview dates to 1976, just before the start of Season 9, and took place via long-distance telephone to Honolulu.

The links to Hawaii Five-0 items won't appeal to everyone, but I found it interesting that they are still available. Some are CBS-authorized items that are being sold on CBS's online store via Amazon. Thank you, CBS.

Okay! Here's a mini-challenge: McGarrett is seen using a sextant. Can anyone tell us in which episode this screen capture appeared?

CBS Television via Wikimedia Commons in the public domain

Well, as they say, "That's a wrap!"

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07 nov 2023

I don't know which episode it was, either, but as you suggested, "Murder - Eyes Only" comes to mind. McGarrett was at sea during his two-week naval reserve service and had a chance to use a sextant, although I do not remember him using one. As for the sextant, you may be right. It is difficult to comprehend how much has changed since the 1970s. Remember mobile telephones in cars? The user had to go through a mobile operator to make a call. Microwave ovens were so new that very few people had one. Televisions still came in furniture-size cabinet models. The list goes on and on.

Me gusta

07 nov 2023

This is a nice capture. Love the sextant. Are those still used or have computers taken over? As to the episode, I don't know. I would guess "Murder - Eyes Only" or maybe "Follow the White Brick Road."

Me gusta
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